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Revival Fire by Dupsy Oyeneyin


Dupsy Oyeneyin, is a born-again Christian, wife, mother, gospel artiste with a mandate to reach the world through her music and the word of God, a supply chain professional and entrepreneur all rolled into one by the special grace of God. She as a master’s degree in Supply Chain & Management from the University of Liverpool and currents works with an indigenous oil and gas company in Lagos at a management level.

She has always been passionate about music even as a child, but received a mandate to reach my world as a minstrel, someone that creates an atmosphere of heaven with my music in 2003 after some life shaking and changing experiences.

Revival Fire is Dupsy Oyeneyin second single this year. It speaks about God stepping into our situation to bring a revival, a reawakening, a realignment with divine order and mandate. When the fire of God comes on a life, it first consumes everything that is not of Him and then makes the vessel ready for the revival.  When revival happens, it is no longer about you as a person, it is about the will of God. Our desires are consumed and they become aligned with divine mandate.

This song was inspired by the Holy Spirit, Dupsy Oyeneyin said when she woke up one morning in April with the words of the song in her heart, she recorded on her phone and had a Zoom meeting with her friend Ife worships to help fine tune musically. She was not even planning to record because the song came during the COVID-19 total lockdown but by the time we ended the meeting, it was clear this should be shared with the nations of the earth. Thankfully the lockdown was eased, and she was able to go into the studio to record. She said

“there is no better time than this to have this song on our playlists. Indeed we need revival, the world needs revival and I trust that God will send His fire into our lives and the nations of the earth with this song.”

Below are some few Interview questions that where Asked her on WiGRadio

  1. How do you as a mother manage family and your music career?

I don’t know how but I know I ask for one thing day after day, GRACE, especially the grace of obedience, such that when the Spirit of God prompts me to do something, I don’t delay. What that has done for me is, I don’t get overwhelmed with tasks and I don’t carry unnecessary weight in terms of responsibilities. I also ask for help when I need one, this cuts across every area of my life: home, ministry, work etc. I recognize and accept I am not a super woman and I cannot do every by myself. This mindset has helped me achieve the things I have achieved so far.

2. Ma, has there been any point you felt like giving up on Gospel music?

The truth is in terms of my ministry, NO, because music has been a balancing effect in my life. It helps me connect with God and has helped me maintain sanity and efficient life, however, there have been times I felt discouraged about things not moving or happening as fast as I wanted them to with the songs I release. What that however has done for me is, it has pushed me to keep reaching for excellence.

3. What are the factors that built your consistency?

Prompt Obedience to God’s leading and instruction.

4. What kept you going regardless?

Nothing like the presence of God. Wow!!! That I will not trade for anything. God’s presence has kept me going regardless of life and all it has to offer

5. If there is any other information you would love to give to your fans, kindly add ma.

To everyone out there, please and please, stay in the word of God to find your identity and when you have found it, don’t believe anything or anyone else’s opinion of you. Yes, we take feedback from people but never let that prevail over who God says you are.

Click the Link below to download the song

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