WiGRadio’s reporter Olakanmi Moyosoreoluwa had an exclusive interview with Olayiwola Benjamin on the battle against Pornography


PORNOGRAPHY through ASK Initiatives

“Lovers of God love men,” this statement is indeed true. This isn’t far-fetched from the altruistic desires of Sir Olayiwola Benjamin who despite the agony of the crucifixion of moral is relentlessly forwarding a campaign against pornography. Through ASK initiatives, a God-breathed non governmental organization that has been charged with the vision of raising a complete generation devoid of immorality.

“ASK Initiative was born out of a strong desire to impact the lives of the young ones and answer questions that surrounds their transition into adulthood,” Benjamin Olayiwola, the founder of ASK initiative assertively stated.

He further expressed his passion for the Anti-Pornography movement. In his words:

“In our world today, No longer do we question whether our young ones get exposed to pornographic and R-rated materials, we know that it is inevitable and sadly unavoidable. It is now a question of “WHAT happens WHEN they DO get exposed?” Pornography has now become a part of the system, it is everywhere we turn to, but the good news is this — we still have the power to control and curtail this harm that has eaten deep into the roots of society and I for one would not rest until the world knows the truth — The truth being that pornography in itself is harmful”.

An interview with Sir Benjamin emanated his yearning to educate the young individuals in secondary schools, tertiary educations, teenagers and youths fellowship and other organised youths and adults gatherings on the harmful effects of pornography and the selfish vision of the instigators who supply a daily stash of destruction in a seemingly harmless package.

It is not always smooth sailing. The step we take to start a journey is always challenging, but we cannot deny that every step after even till completion is as hard as the first, if not harder. This is what he had to say about how he started on this path and his journey so far:

“The Anti-Pornography campaign movement is a great movement that I became part of while working on a project that was assigned to me by an organization that I volunteered with on campus then. Dream Project Africa’s project (End Sexual harassment bribery and corruption on Nigerian Campuses). While researching on the factors that influence sexual harassment, I got to discover the Anti-pornography campaign and I got involved. I have been the campaign facilitator since then and truthfully, the journey so far has not been easy. I get tonnes of people telling me that they have never heard of an “Anti-Pornography campaign” before. Some even express their doubts about the success of the organisation.”

But has he been deterred by that?

“Of course not!!,” was his simple and honest reply.

The ASK initiatives has been in existence since 2015 and would be celebrating 4 years of impact on September 26th, 2019. The initiative has had testimonies in which those who testified have become team members and major influencers, their ample testimonies encourage and inspire others who are currently going through the same challenge, through their seminars, presentations and campaign programs — which gives an opportunity to parents, school administrators and other keynote members to rub minds on the issue and stand to fight against it.

The pioneer of the ASK Initiatives Mr Benjamin, brought to light during our discussion how our world today is totally different from that of our parents’. He pinpointed how the internet and social media has taken over our world and how easy it has become for R-rated materials to get to our doorstep. He urges parents and school administrators to be more vigilant as they play an important role in reducing the indulgence and addiction to pornography.

The effects of porn according to studies shows that the viewing of pornography tricks the brain into releasing the same “pleasure chemicals” that are also present in drugs, making the brain rewire itself because of the artificial stimulation.

Do we still wonder how sexual immorality is on the rampart?

Sir Benjamin can’t overemphasize:

“We must fight pornography as we fight drug abuse. They produce the same negative effect in the long run”

Hard drugs and porn have equal negative effect on the brain!

People get addicted to drugs, they get addicted to porn also!

Drugs kill mentally and so does porn!

“The world is falling apart and we are experiencing ” the evils” of the end of time. I took up the campaign against pornography years ago and I wouldn’t rest until the world knows how dangerous it is,” those were the words of Sir Benjamin.

A Nationwide campaign program has commenced in various jurisdictions, headed by ASK initiatives, be a part of it. Let us stand and fight!. Volunteers are needed as it is ongoing, trainings would be held, required materials would be delivered to interested volunteers for presentations to youths and concerned audiences in their jurisdictions.

There’s a National Whatsapp platform that has been created, Interested volunteers can contact the Director in charge of the campaign program, Benjamin on +2348097086266.

Do not let the “21st century” commotion make our world fall into shambles.

The love of God had made him take up this dream, the desire to help is not man-made but God himself has empowered him divinely for this cause, and so if you are tired of going around in cycles and if you are ready to break free from the grips of pornography feel free to contact ASK initiatives as they will be so glad in responding to your plight and you can be rest assured that the cycle would be broken and the addiction would end because the first step towards recovery is opening up.

As at now, ASK Initiative runs a recovery structure for Pornography addicts and also drug addicts.

“We hope to bring in more structures to correct the imprints of other vices as time goes on,” Sir Benjamin further commented.

The doors are open, if you need counselling or you want to be a part of the recovery program please do reach out to us by sending us a mail on askinitiative1@gmail.com or by sending us a private message via our Facebook page, “ASK Initiative.”

Let us make up our minds to be a part of this timely vision, as I leave you with the words of Sir Benjamin as he iterates his beliefs and hopes In his final words:

“The world is falling apart, The world might not get any better, and we are not hoping to make it better. We are hoping to raise better people who are better informed and better positioned to disallow a breathing space for social vices.

For those struggling, you’re not in this alone and don’t give up. Always tell yourself “this isn’t the best of me, I can be better”. Thank you.
Your friend in the school of impact, Benjamin Olayioye.”

Esteemed readers, the effects of pornography is very apparent in our world, are we to sit and look or we are to stand and fight?

Sir Benjamin has taken up this dream and together we can make a difference, together we can reach the world with good news…A good news of forgiveness, redemption, second chances and a new life, a life of total freedom.

Volunteers are still needed but just incase you are still unsure about whether or not you would like to be a part, I would like to encourage you with some of the testimonies that ASK initiative has helped give birth to. Here are just a few of them:

There is a case I treated with a 9 years old boy. He started having issues with pornography after seeing a particular movie that awakened his awareness of sexuality.
In their house, he shares same room with his sisters. He started having issues with his sisters dressing in his presence or exposing themselves whenever he is in the room. All this lead him to masturbation and craving more adult content.
I was able to help turn his heart away from the act and also urge him to pursue purity. First with his heart and then in his acts.
Mr Benjamin, Founder of ASK initiative.

I was privileged to help a young man who has been battling pornography for a long time. He got introduced into it when he was a young boy. He has been on the recovery program ever since and he’s doing very fine now.
-Mr Benjamin, Founder of Ask initiative.

I have been there myself so I definitely know how it feel to be addicted. Well, if I see anyone suffering from pornography now with my level of understanding and exposure, deep inside of me there’s this joy that wells up because I know they’ve met with the solution to their problem.
-Volunteer at ASK initiative.

Be the change you want to see in your day, Join hands with ASK initiative today.


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