In this end time,  one of the things that God is doing is to raise professionals in different careers and business fields to carry out the purpose of his kingdom. The revival is not going to take place on the pulpit alone, you as a professional can be a part of this move of God at this time. One of the tools for this repositioning is the All Believers Career and Business Retreat. You need to be at this program.



1. What is the All Believers Career & Business Retreat- Overview?

The All Believers Career & Business Retreat is a gathering of believers that are professionals & business owners with the burden to arise and look to heaven for direction, get clear perspectives and arise with courage as they pursue that for which they have been created. It is a platform for believers to seek Gods face, re-discover their true identity in Christ, understand the expectation of God for their lives, careers & businesses & get insights on how to effectively pursue it.  It is time to lose the colts tied down for years and unleash them to serve the interest of the king for whom they were created.

2. What is the duration of the retreat?

The retreat commences from 9am and ends by 5pm in the evening.

3. Where is the Retreat Venue?

The Venue is the Light Arena, 3 Thurborn Avenue, Near Ozone Cinemas, Sabo Yaba, Lagos.

4. Any legends, to assist in locating the venue?

The venue is close to Lihao Chinese Restaurant & is neighbor to the Liberian Embassy. Alternatively you could call, 07082286583, 08082907215, 08035236947

5. Do I need to pay a fee?

No. the program is absolutely free.

6. How do I register?

You can register at or at the venue.

7. If I don’t register online, would I still be allowed into the venue?

Registration online is preferred, however you would still be able to register at the venue and get a seat subject to availability.

8. Who are those invited?

Everyone who is a professional (Employee) Business Owner (Employer) and desires to use his career/business as a tool to expand Gods kingdom agenda and build nations.

9. What is the Retreat going to Feature?

The Retreat will feature Worship, Prayer Sessions, Teaching Sessions, Panel Discussion etc.

10. Who are the organizers?

The All Believers Career Retreat is organized under the auspices of Liberty Career Academy (LCA) an Academy established with the mandate to help people in the discovery of their core essence & it’s  right application.



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