“Breathing Room” Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith Second Single Out For Streaming

By: Olakanmi Moyosore
20, July 2020

The gospel musician, wife, and mother of three; Kim Walker-Smith released her inspired second single ‘Breathing Room’ from the anticipated album ‘Wild Heart’ (due August 14).
She took to her twitter page on the 17th of July to announce the good news.

“I have found breathing room, my soul can rest in you, no longer have to fight, the burden’s lifted, the weight is lifted, you are my steady ground, no need to worry, the fog is cleared away….” Few pictures to the lyrics you would find in the song.

“The Protector”, the first released single in the very much anticipated album ‘Wild Heart’ was released on the 26th of June.

“Protector, you never never let me go, you said you wouldn’t leave me, and you wouldn’t, you are right by my side protector…”

According to Vacancy Magazine, the gospel musician shared an insight into the making of the song; an experience with a moment of worship, where she understood the words of every lyric she sings, the moment you have to open your heart to God even when the doors are shut.
As a parent, she understands why she draws boundaries for her children not to get mean but to ‘protect them’ and keep them for the best.
She opened up on how she can not allow her heart to get offended at God because of the way things play out be it good or bad.

God is Sovereign. How well can you keep your heart to believe it?

Protector and Breathing room are now available on the music platform.


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