Kwara Govt says no preconditions for reopening worship centers.

By: Eunice Myron
17th June 2020

Kwara State Government on Wednesday said fumigation of mosques or churches and mandatory use of thermometers are not preconditions for reopening of worship centres, saying people of all ages can go worship once they abide by the safety protocols of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The meeting reiterated that mosques and churches can open and may be attended by persons of all ages and genders but with strict adherence to all safety protocols, such as the use of face masks, physical distancing among worshipers, and washing of hands, among others.

Ghali, a member of the government’s advisory team further said adherence to security protocols is all the government asks for, as additional protocols such as: fumigation and inferred temperature devices are not realistic, as the cost implication would be too much for these religious centers.


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