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Nigeria 2023 Election: A Parable, Riddle and An Enigma – Pst Tunde Bakare


In what appeared to be a trance, I saw a very dynamic and bubbling young man playing with a kite that was made for him by others. As the wind blew, the kite began its journey into the sky. He held the string firmly in his hand.

The wind continued to blow and the kite continued to rise until it went beyond the gaze of the human eye. The young man was so happy and full of smiles and great laughter.

His admirers and cheerleaders were extremely happy also until the unexpected happened. Suddenly, a cloud gathered from nowhere and torrential rain fell.

Before long, the carcass of the kite came down and deep sorrow engulfed the dynamic young man and his admirers who were standing in front of a nearby hut.

At this moment of their sorrow, an old man who has been watching this dynamic young man from where he stood upon a hill stretched forth his very big umbrella with a confident smile. He thought he had a solution to the rain that brought the kite of the dynamic young man down.

However, he too did not notice the boisterous wind gathering under his umbrella. Before long, the boisterous wind tore his umbrella into shreds and his confident smile evaporated and turned into tears as he ran from the hilltop into the same hut nearby for cover.

As he ran into the hut, he found another old friend of his inside the hut who held a big broom trying to sweep out the water that the wind had carried into the hut.

The more he swept out the water, the more water was blown into the hut by the boisterous wind until it became a torrent that swept the broom, the hut, and all the men and their fan’s club away.

After the disaster that befell these men, the torrential rain suddenly stopped and a fourth man simply clad with a measuring tape in his hand appeared on the scene from nowhere.

With the grace of a master builder, this fourth man laid a strong foundation upon the ground where the hut was previously standing and after a while, a masterpiece of a mansion appeared. In front of this spectacular mansion is written: “The Federal Republic of New Nigeria.”

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