Last week, the video of an Evangelist at Sango Ota, Ogun state went viral all over Nigerian Internet space.

The video features a man seemingly preaching the gospel and then goes ahead to advise young people under the sound of his voice on the dangers of the valentine celebration.

The Evangelist, clad with a bag and holding a bell begins to say

‘You’re my plantain! Lori Iro! (lies)

You’re my biscuit! Lori Iro (lies)

The camera handler found this interesting and decided to make a video.

The Evangelist goes ahead to ring the bell he held in his hand creating a rythmic beat and dancing to the beat singing

‘Iro po (too much lies)

O ti po repete(Too many lies)

Lie lie lover

O ti po repete (Too many lies)

The beauty for us is that the Christian community have jumped on this trend and have created a string of lies being told amongst believers.

Popular Youth Pastor, P.Daniel Olawande also dished out some wisdom using this challenge.

Find below some funny tweets that attest to this challenge.

The real challenge is that as believers, we must ensure that we live a life of sincerity and lies must never be our reality. The devil is the father of lies. The bible says that as Christians, our yes should be yes and our No should be No


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