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We should not pray with Holy Ghost Fire but in the name of Jesus – Apst Olukayode Ezekiel


Many Christians have learned to pray using several names other than the name of Jesus.

According to Apostle Olukayode Ezekiel, the convener of Dawn of Jesus Glory, God has not given us Holy Ghost Fire or Blood of Jesus to pray with.

We are not also supposed to use the name of angels. These things might seem to be working but the fact that it is working does not necessarily mean it is God.

Apostle Ezekiel further expressed that some of the time, demons can respond to some of these names. You might pray with Holy Ghost fire and the devil would respond to divert the attention of the genuine believer from what God has constituted.

He shared that the only name in which we should pray is in the name of Jesus. Any other name other than this is a diversion from God’s original intention. The name Jesus is higher than any other name of God. Jehovah Jireh, Rapha, El-Elyon, and other names are limited

One of WiGRadio’s correspondents was able to get this from Apostle Ezekiel during the monthly Dawn of Jesus Glory program which holds online every 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of every month.

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