TECHNOLOGY: WhatsApp Payments To Expand Soon- Matt Idema WhatsApp Operating Officer

By Moyosore Olakanmi
19th, June 2020

Following the announcement made by the CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg on the launching of the payment system, an update to the success journey of the person to person payment launched in Brazil is beginning to be told.

It is an open secret now as Facebook is beginning to show signs of expanding the payment system across to more countries.
According to the WhatsApp Operating Officer Matt Idema in an interview with Reuters has given hint that the expansion to other countries would come soon as they think they can help grow digital payments, grow the digital economy with small businesses, and help support the financial institution.

Visa is involved with Facebook to make the payment feature happen, using Visa direct. Visa talks about a token model technology that removes risks around data protection, also minimizing unnecessary steps for consumers.


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