It is well known that people become parents everyday, to a first child or a new addition to the family. Although it isn’t well known, that parenthood is a mission that has challenges and struggles in it.

One of the things involved in becoming a good parent, is searching for information on the know-how. Although it can prove to be difficult to set aside pride and come under the guidance of another well experienced parent, that is exactly what is needed to ensure a good future for our children.

As children we are to ensure we relate with our parents very well. As parents, we are to oversee how a child grows with morals imbibed at crucial stages of life. The environment has changed and one truly needs to guard their children from the vices of this world.

This is exactly what Mother’s Voice Global Foundation is concerned about. Join Evang. Mrs. Deborah Fowobaje on DFM. A half-hour programme on WiGRadio every Tuesday at 12noon. You can listen online anywhere around the world via

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