When life weighs you down, how do you fight?

When the devil comes and throws suggestions at you, how do you respond? Do you use your human wisdom or do you, like Jesus, go #ItisWritten on him? The word of God is your sure life saver. Read it. Think on it. Say it. #ItisWritten.

The word of God is all you need to make remarkable progress and success in life. When Jesus was face to face with temptation, all he needed to do to bring out the word inside of him and the moment he said It is written, he won the battle against the enemy.

How much of the word of God do you have inside you? Do you want to soak up yourself with the word of God daily? Then join Opeyeoluwa Lawal everyday on WiGRadio for It Is Written on WiGRadio at 8am everday.

You can listen to this program live on WiGRadio 1 (Wisdom Gate Radio), on www.WiGRadio.com, or download the WiGRadio mobile app from google play store for Android devices by clicking here.

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