We all see life through different lenses. This perception of life determines how we live our life. When you see someone who is living a life devoid of direction and purpose, it is usually because they are seeing life from a wrong lens. The lens God has given us is the word of God. When we live our life with the word as our perspective, the journey in this world would be more purpose driven.

Life lens on WiGRadio

This is why you need to listen to Life Lens with Olukunle Esan every Wednesday at 11am (GMT+1). Join us as we view life from the word of faith.

Episode 1: Using your words to create your world

Episode 2: Faith Generation and discharge for maximum output

Episode 3: Have a vision of God

Episode 4: Overdue For Delivery

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Episode 5: At such a time as this

Episode 6: Ichabod (The glory is departed)

Episode 7: You are ordained to be heard

Episode 8: The unrapturable weight

Episode 9: Don’t worry get concerned

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Episode 10: Destiny Ship Cruise

Episode 11: Destiny Ship Cruise II

Episode 12: Dangers of wrong ship cruise

Epiosde 13: Appreciating in the time of recession

Episode 14: The power in the name of Jesus

Episode 15: How you can hear from God 

Episode 16: The messenger called WORDS

Episode 17: The messenger called Word (Part II)

Episode 18: Commanding Results that cancels insults 

Episode 19: Potters of Destiny

Epsode  20: Encouragement; The antidote of discouragement


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