This is a labour under God to deal with the dross in our lives and to wash the dirts off of our garments of ministry, so as to have a life that is approved and a service that fits God’s divine pattern.

It is the contradictions of our lives that make unbelievers wary of the gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ. He Himself is ready to sit over our lives in these last days as a refiner (Malachi 3:2-3) to personally deal with our inner struggles with the works of the flesh that makes us look like we are not born again, so that we can manifest the nature of Christ and be as effective as men of old were with their witness of our LORD. He will also wash our “clothes” with the fuller’s soap (Malachi 3:2). This washing will redefine the way the work of God is done and it will also ensure that we are in tune with our Head, Christ, by serving in the appropriate place and staying in our assigned roles.


The LORD wants all of us believers to be equipped to share in the work of discipleship of the nations. No matter who we become, how much money we earn, and how much influence in society, they are all to serve the purpose of God, the heavenly vision, and not our earthly desires.

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