Imagine getting to Church on Easter Sunday and the Pastor says that the title of his sermon is 13 Mistakes Jesus Made. Of course you would want to confirm if something has gone wrong with the Pastor. Such messages are not preached in the church. However if you judge a book by its cover, you might miss out on useful contents.

One twitter user @OlawalePerfect, the CEO of WiGRadio, an online gospel radio station with listeners in over 126 countries did something strange on twitter on Easter Sunday 2019 when he did a twitter sermon on #13MistakesJesusMade.

Initially people got confused about the topic but when they read the content, everyone agreed that it was a great content and interestingly, the twitter sermon ended with an altar call for people who would love to surrender their life to Christ.

You would surely find it interesting. Feel free to drop your comments after you finish reading…

  1. Happy Easter Tweeps. It has been a long time since I posted anything on twitter but an interesting message dropped on my heart this morning which I felt I should share with you #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  2. Let me start by wishing you happy Easter #HappyEaster #EasterSunday #ResurrectionSunday . I am excited that we all saw this year’s easter. I pray if Christ tarries, you would see many more Easter in Jesus name #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  3. Easter is very pivotal to the Christian faith. Every other religious leader that can be mentioned died and were buried. It was only Jesus that died and rose up again. No other! #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  4. So I am a business person and I have seen businesses die before and it is always very pathetic. For instance, when Nokia lost out, many people began to analyse what went wrong. Another one is BBM closing up in May #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  5. By the way I want to welcome my wonderful brothers and sisters from Wisdom Gate Family @WiGRadio especially @princekolefs who have told me to be sharing some of these things on twitter. I love you all. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  6. So many business people would want to ask that why did this business fail. What did they do wrong. What were their mistakes. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  7. The same thing apply to marriage. If a marriage end up in divorce, people would want to ask what went wrong. What did the man do wrong and what did the woman do wrong. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  8. Of course I liken that crash to the death of the founder Jesus. Many people would be asking why he died #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  9. So imagine for a second that there is this great business man called Jesus who started a company called Jesus and Disciples Company and this company added value to people, then the business seemed to crash one day #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  10. It is also likened to Jesus having a fiancee called nation of Israel. He planned to marry that babe and then the babe poisoned him. We would want to ask what he did wrong. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  11. Now I know that you can see the big picture and you really know that Jesus did not make mistakes. But let us pretend for a moment that we do not know where the story ends. We would have listed some mistakes he made #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  12. Some of us would have said that this man was a good man but he did not understand certain principles about life not realising he is the creator of life #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  13. Someone would be wondering why @OlawalePerfect is sharing these kind of thoughts but the reason is because some of us make mistakes in life and think we are beyond repair #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  14. God is Still in the business of converting mistakes into miracles and converting our mess into a message #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  15. The good news however is that irrespective of our mistakes, God is still a sovereign God who rules over the affairs of men #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  16. Jesus was unconventional and he did things in a different way and that was what got him into trouble. Now we are told to be like Jesus. This means we should get ready to do things differently #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  17. So if there was a blog in the days of Jesus, one of those blogs would probably write an article captioned 13 Mistakes Jesus Made. It would also be analysed on radio, TV and in the newspapers #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  18. If you do these things that Jesus did, some people would look at you and tell you that you are making a mistake but guess what, that which you call mistake might actually be the centre of God’s will for your life #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  19. MISTAKE ONE: He chose the wrong guy during his recruitment process. How could he have chosen Judas. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  20. If we were there during the time of Jesus, we would probably have said that this man would have lived longer if he had not chosen Judas Iscariot to be a part of his company. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  21. There are companies that have folded up because they had the wrong people on their team. It is so easy to say Jesus made this mistake too. People would say he should not have chosen Judas. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  22. As sweet as that might look, the truth is that Judas was the one who could help him fulfil his purpose of going to the crucifixion. You might think some things in your life are mistakes but God has a hand sometimes #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  23. By the way, hope u remember that Jesus prayed all through the night before he chose the 12 Apostles and he chose Judas. You might think some people are in your life by mistake but God has a plan for them in your life #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  24. Some people are still thinking that they were born by the wrong parents because their parents were poor. Others think they married the wrong man or woman. The good news is God can work miracles despite everything #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  25. MISTAKE TWO: Jesus was not diplomatic with the scribes and Pharisees. He said it as it was #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  26. Jesus was one man who was not afraid to offend the scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. Our contemporary man of God would have wanted to condone them and choose to be popular with them so as not to get in trouble #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  27. We are not called to be popular with men. We are called to be effective for God. If men love you too much, it might be because you no longer say the truth. Our desire must be the applause of heaven alone. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  28. MISTAKE THREE: He refused to sack Judas when Judas began to steal. Now Jesus was all knowing and he knew when Judas was misbehaving and stealing but Jesus left him in the company. Why? #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  29. I have heard people who ask if Judas was destined to be a betrayer. The answer is No… There was a need for someone to play that part and Judas opened up himself to the devil to fulfil a negative prophecy #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  30. There are certain people who might be in your life today with the intention of hurting you but the truth is that God has a way of using those same people to fulfil his divine purpose. Just trust God and do not fret #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  31. MISTAKE FOUR: He allowed Judas get a better bargain. All Jesus had to do was to give Judas 31 pieces of silver and Judas would go for the highest bidder but Jesus did not try to get out of this situation #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  32. We are taught in business that you should never allow your competition steal your staff but Jesus was not even bothered about the competition. By human standard it was a mistake but God thinks otherwise. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  33. MISTAKE FIVE: He did not listen when Peter tried to help him out of death. In fact, he called Peter Satan and told him to get behind him. Business experts would have said this guy would soon crash. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  34. People would have expected Jesus to listen to Peter and take the easy way out. Peter actually told him that it was wrong for him to die. But Jesus understood that his purpose was to die for us and he went that path #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  35. On the path of purpose, you would meet advisers who would show you short cut, tell you not to follow God’s path. Please do not listen to them. Follow God. When you follow God, people would say you have made a mistake #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  36. Just like the young man of God who met an old prophet that told him to disobey God and eat. You can read that account in 1Kings 13. You would meet many people like that. Do not listen to them. Keep following God #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  37. MISTAKE SIX: He resigned himself to the will of God. When Jesus was in agony in the garden of Gethsemane, he kept saying “Not my will but they will be done”. People would have said that “why are you waiting for God” #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  38. There are people in life who would tell you to forget about God and take your destiny in your hands. But what you really need is to place your destiny in God’s hand like Jesus did #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  39. MISTAKE SEVEN: He did not allow his disciples fight for him. His disciples wanted to fight for him and the ear of someone was even cut but Jesus did not permit that. Jesus rejected deliverance #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  40. Jesus had loyal disciples who were ready to act as personal security men but Jesus rejected that offer. There would be people in life who want to help you step out of God’s plan. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking it #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  41. MISTAKE EIGHT: Jesus refused to accept presidential pardon. Pilate in John 19:10 told Jesus that he could get a pardon but Jesus knew he had a purpose to fulfil. If you get a soft way out, do not follow it #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  42. MISTAKE NINE: He refused to have a political following. There was a time Jesus got an opportunity to be King without election but he ran away.He knew his purpose was more than politics. Many fall for this kind of trap #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  43. People would always present a palliative alternative to you. There are many who have become distracted and no longer fulfil the purpose of heaven because they were drawn by pleasures of this world. Are you distracted? #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  44. Politics is a game of numbers. Jesus could have have the number working for him but he chose to keep focused on the purpose of God. All these look like mistake to mortal man but not to God. Stay focused with God’s plan #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  45. MISTAKE ELEVEN: He refused to call the host of heaven to fight for him. If Jesus was like some of our Nigerian Pastors, he would have called fire from heaven to roast all the people who wanted to crucify him #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  46. MISTAKE TWELVE: He had uneducated men on his inner core if ministry. One of them was an ordinary fisherman who was spineless.His selection process seemed poor. There would be people you need who would not look like it #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  47. Make sure you value the relationships that God has brought your way. Some of these people might not look like it but treasure them. The spineless fisherman called Peter would later be the one to preach to 3000 souls #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  48. MISTAKE THIRTEEN: He chose to die for you while you were yet a sinner. People would have wondered why he would choose to die for people like us who do not deserve it but he still went ahead to die because he loved us #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  49. From a human point of view, Jesus made a mistake to do these things but from a spiritual point of view, that was the purpose of heaven. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  50. 1 Cor 2:7 But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: 2:8 Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
  51. There might be certain mistakes in your life right now that seems like you have no hope but the good news is that those mistakes would work out for your good. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  52. The Princes of this world did not understand the wisdom of God so they saw it as Jesus making a mistake but the good news is that it was not a mistake. It was God at work to work out your salvation. That is good news #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  53. You might have had a child out of wedlock and you find it difficult to forgive yourself but the good news is that God is working it in your favor and to your advantage #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  54. The bible says that we know that all things (including your mistakes) work together for good to those that love God and are the called according to his purpose #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  55. You might still feel you are held bound by a mistake you made many years ago. But you can have a new beginning today #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  56. Those things that look like disadvantage in your life today would be the things that God would use to lift you up. It might seem like the devil is winning but God would win eventually #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  57. I must however say that for God to really win in the circumstances of your life, you must allow him win the throne of your life. You must be born again. Are you ready to surrender to Christ right now? #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  58. Praywith me me: Jesus, I believe you came to this world to die for my sin. I confess you as my Lord and savior. Accept me into your Kingdom and fill me with your Spirit. In Jesus name. Amen. #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  59. If you prayed that prayer, I would love to hear from you and tell you how you can move your relationship with God to the next level. You can slide into my DM or contact us at @WiGRadio #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio
  60. By the way @WiGRadio is an online gospel radio station with vision to reach the world with good news. You can listen from any part or the world via for spirit filled contents that would lift you #13ThingsTheyWishJesusDid #13MistakesJesusMade? @WiGRadio


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