What is life without focus? As water is to life so is focus. Focus in itself is the ability to have keen interest or pay attention to a particular thing.

God has not given us so many things to focus on but a particular thing. Take for instance a lion that sets out to hunt for food, even when there are so many of its prey around the lion focuses on just one and it go for it. So likewise as humans we must pay attention to that part of our life that matters, that is one thing God has  committed into your hands, that course you need to go for etc. the distractions around that seeks our utmost attention does not matters, what matters is fulfilling destiny and on the road to destiny, focus is required. Prov17:24b … “but eyes of a fool wanders to the ends of the earth” believe me you don’t want to be a wanderer all the days of your life, whenever the enemies wants to scatter a mans destiny, he first divides his attention(focus), whenever the devil wants to destroy a persons life he gives him two things to pursue at the same time.

You see, if we learn to set priority right then prosperity is sure, but if you lack concentration there will be stagnation, you will just be as someone chasing winds.

Focus is important in life if we must reach our destination. A man without focus cannot survive, a man of focus is a man of Exploit.     



Oyedeji Abiodun

 Twitter: @temmytalk


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