We will use the same tools they used against us to conquer them, we will apply same strategies they used in deceiving, manipulating and carting away our people to get them back. We won’t take them for granted nor handle them carelessly like we previously did, but instead increase our fire force, solidify our strategies and perfect our homework, all to make our tools stronger than theirs.

Yes, they got us through Fashion, they took away clothes from our ladies and replaced them with rags; turned our boys to “corporate prisoners”- zaggers; exchanged female natural hairs with artificial ones, with abnormal and crazy hairstyles for our boys, cum self inflicting beastly marks called tattoo, all to mention a few.

They’ve used the media against us; Music and Movies depicting thuggery, pride, wasteful spending, sensuality, violence, clubbing and partying…empty lyrics, unedifying concepts, naked dressing, crazy fashion, lusty beats and uncountable features corrupting both adults, youths, teens and adolescents.

The internet have been highly perforated, naked girls here and there, unsaturated posts lacking ethical public consideration; pornography made a free commodity, trading the destinies of our supposed future leaders in destruction supermarkets.

Politics has turned to lucrative business enterprises, those in its market have decided not to go back home, making those at home struggling to join, hoping not to return as well. Material possessions have taken the place of intellectual properties, lust have replaced love, world taken above the Word and temporary profit given priority at the expense of eternity.


They’ve even crept into my Father’s house, looting his treasury, deceiving people in His name, celebrating sodomy in place of true worship; gay bishops, Christian hip-hop, holy rappers, democratic dressing, uncensored mutterings, occultism instead of fellowship, magic instead of miracle, entertainers instead of ministers, motivational speakers instead of word preachers…real strange fire on the altar – satanist churches, devil’s synagogue and demonic fraternities right in Daddy’s house, funny enough, PAPA is very patient, gentle and meek, wonder what I would’ve done if I was Him.

Can we mention all? Crimes, corruption, violence, homosexuality, child trafficking, drugs and alcoholism, prostitution, rape, sexual immoralities, robbery, assassinations, religionism, atheism, yet, the list have not even started.

Now is the time we will take back our lost Glory, reclaim our stolen mandate and restore our hijacked territory, we will return modesty to replace immorality in our fashion, transparency to replace corrupt practices in politics, purely saturated information dissemination in place of junks and pollutants on our Media, authentic kingdom lifestyle messages all over the internet, intellectual and strategic growth and development programmes for kids and youths, widespread revival of pure holy fire on our altars.

With Baba’s 101% support, we will build lives, fortify and equip them for themselves, this universe and His Eternal Kingdom. Never shall we stop, neither shall we back off, but shall hand in hand walk and work, till we all-together in one accord, reach the ends of this world, with the good news  of the Kingdom of our King and Lord, as we en-mass march back to Zion, so help us God.


Heph-zi’bah, 2016.

Hephzibah Fatoyinbo is a kingdom addict. He is a teacher and a media personality.


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