So, it’s just a few days more to the end of the year and somehow I ask myself ‘Where did the year go?!’ Maybe like me, you set goals to achieve for the year. You probably prayed and fasted. You sowed seeds, worked hard, did everything humanly possible, but yet…you are still unmarried; you have still not been promoted; you have still not gotten a job; your health is still not restored; your marriage still does not look like it’s working; your account balance has still not risen above ‘sea level’. I am here to however encourage you…don’t give up! Keep trying!

There is a certain power in consistency that I have come to experience over time. Consistency simply means being steady; keeping at something even though it doesn’t look like it’s working, till it works (that’s my own definition). There is a power in trying, trying and trying again till it works. Think of Thomas Edison who kept trying to invent a light bulb. He was consistent in trying, till he got it at the 1000th trial!


Consistency is like the story of the man who was trying to cut down a very big and strong tree. He started cutting at about 7am. At first it looked like nothing was happening, but he kept at it, till the tree finally fell with a loud sound at about 10pm. It wasn’t the last blow of the axe that fell the tree, rather, it was the cumulative effect of all the strikes/blows. So yes, you have been praying, keep praying; yes you have been serving in your Church unit, keep serving; you have been fasting, keep fasting. And when you find yourself falling, just pick yourself back up and keep trying. Because like the Bible says in Habakkuk 2: 1-3, that dream, that vision, that promotion, that job, that marriage, that baby, is for an appointed time and at the end…if you don’t give up…it will speak!

So keep up the good work, keep applying for that job/promotion, keep your dreams alive, keep being hopeful, for in due season, you will be rewarded if you faint not!



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