I wonder why nobody takes a break and stop to think about the happenings in our nation. It’s annoying to see things get out of hand or perhaps going out of hand, and still people just talk about it casually and that’s it, that’s the last we hear of cases that are supposed to be treated with utmost attention.

The steps to a better Nigeria begins with you and I doing the right thing at all times. It is said Rome wasn’t built in a day so also the bribery and corruption, the “magomago” in our today politics, the who-knows-who to get a job being the order of the day, the denial of gender and equality bill, the fact that the old people who are supposed to mentor the leaders of tomorrow, become the leaders themselves and the appointing of only family members or close relatives into high rated portfolios didn’t start in a day. Yes, it all started with what we failed to do, what we haven’t done, what we open and close our eyes to.


Why not start like this, every morning when you wake, say it aloud God bless Nigeria and God bless me, the Americans teach their young ones at an early age to say this statement and it goes a long way in doing something in the nation. If we can cultivate this habit and train our young ones and leaders of tomorrow (youths), to say this as often as possible, things would start changing since we are in the era of change. Another factor affecting the “giant of Africa” – Nigeria, is the inability of her authorized authority to combat injustice with the rule of law, instead the most influential get away with whatever he or she has done without anything being done against them. Take for instance the open secret of “swept under the rug” cases of embezzlement of funds meant for the betterment of the living standards of the masses.

Yeah, sure they get hold of these people and they make it look like the minute their case gets to the law court they would be charged with “Misappropriation of Funds” and we believe legal actions would be taken against them immediately but Lo and Behold, its trial upon trail and series of adjournment that would  eventually end the story and the payment of a meager amount of money, taken and given as bail. In all of these, Nigeria gets better by the day.

skyla Anuoluwapo Daniel aka Skyla is an Undergraduate of Ekiti State University. She loves writing about political and gender based issues.


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