Warm caresses, deep – long and wet kisses…

All he had ever dreamed of, happening right before him…

Soft flesh,  yet more soft and enthralling flesh – all at his disposal,

Alas! A dream come true!!!!  His head yells

And there goes your dream; down the drain!!!! His Spirit warns

He jerks back to reality!!!

We must stop this, NOW!!!

Picks up singlet, buckles belt!!!

Stop being naive, we both want this… She nudges!!!

It’s going to be an experience, trust me… She probes further!!

Yes!!! He interjects.  An experience I don’t want to forget but remember and smile –  not with guilt

Buttons up his shirts, picks up Bible and Bible Study manual which was the main but forgotten reason for the visit!!!!

As he reaches for the door and walks into the thick darkness of the night

He sighed then smiled and made his ‘killing’ straight face with his Bible tightly clutched to his chest just as The Words therein clutched tightly to his heart.

He thought to himself , I want this…. But….


Kayode Adegbesan Gospel of entrepreneurship on WiGRadio Kayode Adegbesan is a worshipper, photographer and a Kingdom addict. He is the President of Vessels in His Presence Ministry and was the host of Gospel of Entrepreneurship on WiGRadio.




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