There are some blessings you don’t get on the pulpits or on the altar.

But these blessings are released from somewhere – the stable of the Grey hair.

Let’s look at the word of God

Proverbs 20:29-30 (KJV)

The glory of young men is in their strength: and the beauty of old men is their grey hair.

This brings me to the point of saying, at every stage in life, there is a defence and everything created has a defence including animals, scientists call it DEFENSIVE MECHANISM.

The small Ants have their own defence mechanism. They are equipped with a nasty sting/bite that secretes formic acid, which is highly irritant. The big Elephants have long trunk that can be used to cut down log thereby serving as defence against predators

If GOD created animal with defence how much more man? God said that the glory of the young men is their strength, and the splendour of the old is in their grey hair, and splendour signifies something that outshines the usual

The grey hair depicts experience and wisdom. In other words it is a great weapon of fashioning and shaping destinies


Let us look at an instance in scripture

When Jacob was about to die he said to his children “gather yourselves together so I will tell you what will become of you” It is worthy of note to say that all the thing he said to his children happened exactly the way he said it.


You don’t joke with the dying words of a man especially if he is an anointed man because most of such words are prophetic. The wicked ones know this, which explains why evil people would want to consult with their evil parents whenever they want to carry out demonic activities. Those who understand the positive impact of this have also learnt to use it to their advantage.

I remember one time when my grand-mother called me and asked me a question “What will you tell them?” That was the question she asked me when she heard I will be preaching in our first evangelistic outreach. I did not take that question for granted. I went back to God in the place of prayer trusting him to put a word in my mouth for my generation. My grandmother later called me and prayed for me from her heart. I stepped out with an unusual unction to deliver.


I know of an online gospel radio station making waves now. One of the factors traceable to their growth is that, periodically the patron of that radio station pours out parental blessing.

Friends, the place of fathers in our walk and journey to destiny can never be overemphasized. I pity young men that mock and speak derogatory words to fathers. Such people do not last long in the race of life.


Don’t forget God did not leave fathers without a defence.

Fathers have their own special kind of anointing. I call it THE GREY HAIR ANOINTING.

Remain blessed as you honour the grey hairs (not necessarily in age) that God has placed to be a blessing to you in your journey through life





Evang. Chinedu Ezeneche is the President of JEEM Ministries located in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a passionate soul winner that loves music.


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