Every man gets to that point in his life where he just know “things have got to change”; but before that point a lot of water gets to flow beneath the bridge.

It’s very interesting how we get to live our live oblivious of the future, absent minded to the things that really matter, focusing so much on how far we have come and forgetting that the road that lays ahead of us it so far greater than that which we have come so far.

Reality strikes at the point when a man realizes he is “ALONE”, he becomes self-aware when he realizes there’s a void that has been clutching at his heart all along and has been desperately longing for a fill and has driven him to different sources and supposed fountains; I am coming to think that somehow, somewhere in our subconscious reality, we are aware of how wrong a path we are on as we thread the road of adolescence and puberty, but the youthful energy that drives us simply gets the better of us; but then again we simply say “I’m just human”…

Needless to say is our pride and insatiable ego that just incessantly grows as we increase in age and blind us to the simple life offered in humility and submission.

I look back now, and I simply realized that somehow despite all the wrong turns, deliberate mistakes, hardheaded selfish choice and gullible steps, there was a hand that constantly kept me from the edge, there was a shield that just was ever present when all else failed, a still voice to calm the rage when I was about to cast off all restraints…

At one point I finally found what it was, I discovered how it really happened and more importantly I realized who it was, that was there all along!

Now, I look ahead and I am just so absolutely certain of whats ahead, I look ahead with expectations in glittery eyes and mouths open wide in awe of what I see ahead of me! Cos the one who kept me thus Far, had planned it all even before I was Born!

If you haven’t discovered who, what or where yet, I suggest you go searching; and I got just one place and one name to give you as reference! The place is Calvary and the name is JESUS!


If you find it… I hope you will rewrite my story and share your sequel to mine!



Laolu Ibitoye is an IT consultant by profession, the CEO and Founder of Treeline Innovations, a software and tech company. He is also an amazing writer and media personality.


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