One of the most childish and dangerous things to do is ‘do nothing until you feel like it!’ A person’s maturity can be measured by how much control they have over themselves.

Do you control yourself, or does your self control you?

Do you obey your every feeling?

Feelings are good sometimes, but can they always be relied upon as guide?

~ What if I “don’t feel like” going to work in the morning?

~ What if I “don’t feel like” eating for the next four days?

~ What if I “don’t feel like” changing my clothes for two weeks?

~ What if I “feel like” giving my boss a slap?

~ What if I “feel like” killing the boy next door for insulting me?

What if I “don’t feel like” talking to my wife/husband the whole day?

~ What if I “feel like” starving my husband as he returns from work?

Shouldn’t I be justified for obeying my feelings, since my feelings are so important and should not be taken lightly, and because everyone’s got feelings and should understand that they could be so strong?


Many times, to wait for a feeling to propel you to move is to wait for death!


~ Death of your joy – you’re waiting to “feel like” being happy

~ Death of your mind – you’re waiting to “feel like” reading/studying/investing in your mind

~ Death of your relationship – you’re waiting to “feel like” expressing love or taking your spouse out for some alone time


Death of your faith or ministry – you’re waiting to “feel like” praying or carrying out a divine instruction

~ Death of your finances – you’re waiting to “feel like” investing or taking the next step in your business


It’s time to STIR YOURSELF UP and go for the life you’ve always wanted! Act today! Make up your mind to start from this new year to give less attention to feelings and more attention to the Word and the instructions therein, and let Wisdom take the lead in your life.

Stop waiting for a feeling! Take control!


The fruit of the Spirit is… self control.

(Gal. 5:22, 23)


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