At the base of every problem the world is experiencing today is the “Me”.  The “Me” here implies my selfish interest. My “self centeredness”, my self will, “my o my. . .” are all expressions of the “Me”. It is that ego in me that seek only my own thing even to the detriment of the right of others. The “Me” seek only his own thing at all cost not minding whose ox is gourd. The ugly face of the “Me”, you will find in family where the father only calls the shot in a military style.


The “Me” shows up on the road where lawlessness becomes the order of the day. People suffering from the “Me” syndrome break traffic rules at will and never shows any sigh of consideration for other road users such as the pedestrians and motorists. The “Me” culture celebrates illegality and impunity as a norm. The “Me” makes the boss monstrous in an organization; it equally makes the subordinates lethargic. The “Me” kills creativity and stunt progress of institution. Great edifice is reduced to a mere shadowy place of grass when “the Me” plays itself out. Religious altars that perpetrate “the Me” become a citadel of heresies. The glorious future of children is messed up when “the Me” shows up in their life.


Leadership failure in our world today is as a result of character failure whose root is traceable to the “Me” culture. A situation where a leader would prefer his mediocre folks to the meticulous and better exposed outsiders is as result of the “Me” disease running in his vein. Corruption in the nation is traceable to the “Me” syndrome. A leader would steal money not just to meet his immediate needs or that of his family and friends but also for the generation yet unborn in his lineage. Remove the “Me” culture, then our economy will heave a sigh of relief.


“The Me” however was never meant to be a bad idea by our maker but as a tool for our development and a ladder to our next level. However, “the Me” is playing a fast one on us and it is now acting as clog in the wheel of our progress. We must therefore, make a switch from the damning “the Me” to the demanding “the We” if we desire to attain the next level we desire. “The We” entails selfless living, seeking not only our own thing but a collective interest. “The We” means making effort to consider every opinion that count and tolerate every voice even though it does not agree with our own. “The We” is an umbrella of all interest and a rallying point of all ideas.


Our greatness as a nation rest on the shoulders of all so with “the We” culture, we will achieve that intrinsic but seemingly elusive greatness.  “The Me” in our bosom must go for the wisdom of the well encompassing “the We”.


Let out “the Me” and let in “the We”.



Kolawole Olufemi Gbenga popularly known princekolefs is a writer and On-Air Radio personality presently working with Radio Diaspora, Lagos, Nigeria. He is passionate about the media.



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