Did I hear God clearly? ‘Not yet time to go back to school? Stay at home? Nurture the vision?’ could this be God’s voice I’m hearing? That was in January 2008. I had just finished my National Diploma program in Lagos State Polytechnic September the previous year. I was seeking God for direction and clarity as regards the year and the next phase of my life. That was when I heard those words. Deep down, I knew that was the Spirit of God speaking to my heart. Only that it was not the kind of thing I would have loved to hear at that time. It doesn’t make too much sense.

He told me to stay back and nurture the kids He had committed to my care. I understood perfectly what He was talking about. I had been committed to teaching the Sunday school, teens class even before I resumed Lagos State Polytechnic and now much more after finishing my ND program. It was in the midst of doing that that I caught a passion beyond just filling a church-assigned role. I saw a gap that needed to be filled; and together with a few friends as crazy as myself, I responded to a nudging within to reach out to those teenagers in very strategic and definite ways.
So when God said to stay with those kids, I understood what He was saying. I needed to nurture & watch over this ‘baby’ lest it die a premature death. It wasn’t easy but the joy of seeing this ‘baby’ grow, develop and become strong kept me going. It would simply be wickedness to leave them at this critical stage.


I couldn’t tell my parents the real reason why I was yet to go back to school. It just wouldn’t make sense to them, especially my dad. I hid under the excuse that I wanted to take some IT training before I got back to school.
It was around this period while I was home that Dynamic Teens Ministry eventually came forth. God did not release me to go back to school until 2010 when I gained admission through UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) to study Computer Sciences in the University of Lagos.

Is there someone reading this going through a situation that seems like God is holding you back? Here are a few thoughts for your consideration. You can take them as the lessons from the above story.

*Find out what is on the heart of God. He most likely has something bigger on His mind that you can conceive right now. God is more than willing to reveal His will to you. He only need you to ask, seek and listen.

*Trust the leading of His Spirit as well as His timing. God understand the details, you don’t. He isn’t boxed by your calendar; NO! To men it doesn’t make sense, even to you. But then, nothing delights the heart of God than simple child-like obedience and trust.

*It’s not about you. I think a lot of times we forget that, or maybe some of us are yet to realize it. It’s all about Jesus; it’s all about the glorification of His name. Eventually you will partake of the joy, the blessings & the glory, but you are not at the centre here. What God is working out is far bigger than your widest imagination. You are simply a tiny piece of His massive eternal jigsaw puzzle. He will eventually work it out for your good, though it may not look like it right now.

So rest my dear; rest in His unchanging and unfailing love for you. Rest knowing that it’s all in His hands, and nothing can go wrong in His hands.
By the way, I forgot to let you know that Dynamic Teens Ministry is now over 7 yrs. This baby has come a long way. In my next post, I will share with you some of the stories, the ordeals of our journey so far. Every glory has a story!

To your fulfilment in destiny.


Toni Olatunji,
President, Dynamic Teens Ministry Int (http://dynamicteensministry.org)
Twitter/Instagram : @toniolatunji
Building lives… Shaping culture…


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