Do you feel like your background is the reason your back is stillon the ground?do you  yearn for that blessing that will change your life forever? are youasking God to turn your plastic spoon to a golden spoon? Then this song, ‘Sibi Onike’ is a song you should listen to.


The song ‘sibi onike’  is an inspirational gospel song that has a very deep meaning. Itis a prayer of someone from a poor background – the one people assume will not amount to anything. This song,I believe, will prepare your mind to be expectant of God and rely on Him totally.

Abayomi is a Lagos born singer and song writer whose music seeks to penetrate the boundaries of race,creed,religion. According to His,his songs are spiritual songs and not just gospel songs. His aim is to subtly penetrate every looks and cranny to cause a fundamentally positive change in how our generation and those coming perceive life. Congratulations to our generation,because abayomi,the man we all awaits is finally here!

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