I read the article the second time, it was obvious that the person who wrote the article was very creative and I love creative articles when I see them. I could connect with the writer of the article immediately and I just new within my spirit that this is one great team team member I must meet in life (that might be because the article was something about when team members don’t keep to time). I read another article written by this creative writer in that episode of Campus Mirror again and I saw that it was an understatement to call her creative writer (Campus Mirror is an annual publication of Lagos Varsity Christian Union). I took a mental note of the name.
Fast forward to some months later, I was attending one of the village outreaches of the fellowship as an Alumni and I got chatting with a couple of people including this young lady that seemed to be super-intelligent. We got talking about the media and its effects on people. Everyone around me knows that is something I am passionate about. By the end of the conversation, I asked for her name and she said “Adetutu Wande-Kayode”. Jeez! So you are the one I read her creative article, I have been longing to meet you and say that was a wonderful write up…bla bla bla… That was how we became friends.
A couple of months later, my super intelligent friend graduated from University of Lagos with a First Class degree joining the club of UNILAG First Class Alumni where I was already a member only that she got an executive membership because she broke a jinx of being the first to graduate with a first class from the department of Mass Communication after a 30 years period.
When it was time to set up WiGRadio, she was one of the first people to came to my mind to be a part of the team and she has been a team member since then coming up with creative ideas and concepts that keep working. I don’t usually produce programs on WiGRadio but her program is the only program that I know which I produce personally even though it makes me end u on her hot seat many times during the weekly broadcast of “Issues with TutuGold”.
She is my M.Sc. colleague and we had wonderful times of discussions together and of course eating out at Cafe 2001 in New Hall, University of Lagos. The only argument we used to have was on who will pay for the meal. We both always insisted on paying but I was usually the winner most times. She is a woman of prayer and a wonderful cook too who have been hosting the WiGRadio family annual End of year party since inception.
When she celebrated her last birthday, I told her that the man who would marry her would come and pay his dues to us at WiGRadio. That dream is about to come true as this is the last birhday she would be celebrating as a single lady. One day sooner than you imagine, the lucky man would be coming to pay his dues to us.
Adetutu is one of the Directors of Wisdom Gate Radio and she is a year older today. It is because of great people like this that we say we have the best team on planet earth. Join me to say Happy Birthday to a friend, a sister, a colleague in school and at work. Together we would reach the world with good new!
I won’t forget to ask for our cake!
Written by Olawale Perfect (CEO, WiGRadio)


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