By Moyosore Olakanmi, 23rd of July 2020

Entertainment has been a powerful tool for creating and shaping the thoughts of men.

Pure flix Evangelical Christian Film Production And Distribution Studio were founded on 21st November 2005 by David A.R.

Movies produced such as God’s not dead(2014), What if…(2010), The Case For Christ (2017), Indivisible (2019) among others are faith-friendly entertainment by them.

The production house was inspired by the word of God, Philippians 4:8 which talks about keeping in thoughts that which are holy, true, honest, just, good report, lovely, and for in these things think about it.

They recently went on their twitter page to give a reminder of what they do, who they are, and encourage “Clean, Safe and Inspiring TV and Movies that reflect values”.


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