There is this story of a a man that loves reggae songs until he became a Christian. Once in a while, he heard reggae songs but he was dissatisfied because he wanted a song that would glorify God but he still loved reggae. If you are like this man, I have got good news for you.

The song “My Soul Sings” is a christian reggae song that would start you nodding your head, tapping your feet until you stand up in the reggae style for Jah! This Christocentric song has the name of Jesus mentioned 41 times which is one thing that the many gospel artistes no longer do because they want to be a part of the mainstream.


Olaoluwa Tobiloba who is popularly known as Tes is a young graduate from Kwara State University where he studied Material Science and Engineering. He is passionate about the kingdom of God and using his vocal skills to be a blessing to several lives. He is open for invitation to minister in youth gatherings, churches, campus fellowships and conferences. He can be reached on twitter @testobie and instagram via @tobiloba_tes.

Click here to download MY SOUL SINGS by Tobiloba Tes

Tobiloba was live on Praise and Passion with OD on Friday 18th November 2016, Click here to download the audio interview.

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