*Bro. Peter*: So because God has not come by himself to tell you what to do, you won’t do anything?

*Bro Kelechi*: Well, technically yes. Literally, No. Me I’m just waiting to discover my purpose. Err.. I’m waiting for my purpose.

*Bro Peter*: Can you imagine? Mr I’m waiting for my purpose.

*Bro Kelechi*: Have I done anything wrong? The Bible says those that WAIT upon the Lord… Did you see that?

*Bro Peter*: Nothing at all. How many years do you have to spend on earth.

*Bro Kelechi*: Errr, what kind of question is that?

*Bro Peter*: Answer me first. Maybe God has told you that one.

*Bro Kelechi*: Are you mocking me? How am I supposed to know how many years I have to spend on this Earth.

*Bro Peter*: Okay. No vex. Assuming you were to spend 50 years, how many do you have to go?

*Bro Kelechi*: don’t like these kind of questions. 50 years bi bawo. I reject it in Jesus name. The Bible says, with long life will he satisfy….

*Peter*: Please, I didn’t say you should quote Bible for me na. I know what the Bible says.

*Kelechi*: Ehn ehn…I know you’re a Bible scholar. I don’t expect you to be talking like this.

*Peter*: E ma binu sir. What age did Jesus die?

*Kelechi*:  Jesus died at 33. Oh, i see where you’re going with this. But I’m not Jesus na. He was our saviour. There was a reason he died at that age.

*Peter*: (Lets out a laughter). I know you realise you sound stupid right now.

*Bro Kelechi*:  When you’re asking me stupid questions nko. Mtcheeww.

*Bro Peter*: See. I know you. You’re a talented guy. You can sing. You can draw. You can write. Only you. One person. God just dash all these gifts. And you’re doing shakara for him.

*Bro Kelechi*: Who told you it’s shakara.

*Bro Peter*: I told myself. See Jaymikee. Joshua Mike Bamiloye. He just used his drawing abilities to produce the first ever Christian comic called Joyride.

*Bro Kelechi*: Hmmm.

*Bro Peter*: And I know you draw better than him.

This same guy sings. He does jingles for their movies. You, you’re here waiting for purpose when youve not even started using the gifts God has given to you. Your purpose lies in the use of your God given gifts.

*Bro Kelechi* : Wow. I never thought of it like that. How do I go about this? 

*Bro Peter* : I think you should begin to ask God to show you how to apply your giftings. If there’s any need around you that requires your gifting, apply yourself. Fill the vacuum. That is how the Kingdom of God operates.

*Bro Kelechi*: Thank you my friend. I get a clearer picture. I’ll start filling up the void I have left in the kingdom. God bless you bro.

*Bro Peter*: Hey. What are brothers for! In the kingdom, we look out for one another. So, I can’t call you Mr. I’m waiting for my purpose again.

Bro Kelechi: you no serious o.

They both laugh and exit the restaurant.


Don’t wait. Use what you have. The giftings of God are not to be wasted. They are to be used. You will give account of everything.

OPEYEOLUWA is a Christian writer who has been called to write to encourage people in times of weariness according to Isaiah 50:4. Ope, as she is fondly called loves God and His works. She loves to teach and she researches during her spare time. She is married to Olawale Perfect.

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Feature image credit: CMI



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