Short Drama by Abolade Omowunmi Oyindamola.

This is the story of a vibrant young lady who started out as an innocent, brilliant and honest young girl. And was quite active in the church. 

Few years down the lain, she went to the higher institution to obtain her first degree, back home, employed, very proficient in her chosen field of career.

However, she gets getting drained by the day due to the activities at work and around. And it never occurred to her because both friends and family think she is doing excellently well all round while she gets getting overwhelmed by the day, taking it for tiredness from work and never knowing the source of it.

It later dawned on her when she was about getting married as she plans to have a change of work and ofcourse she was going to relocate to a new environment (to her husband-to-be’s house).

,She discovered she had be fizzling out bit by bit without knowing. . .

(A small still voice says: what do people get for all their hard work? Generations come and go, but nothing really changes. All things are full of labor; Man cannot express it. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.)

(The stage opens on a man (M.D) discussing with a lady (Secretary in the office)

M.D: Ok so I will be leaving now and I trust you to put everything in order in my absence. I will be back in two weeks time. Reply every pending mails and ensure every broadcast go up and end at the scheduled time. So till I return take care and ensure to take note of everything that needs my attention, I will attend to then when I come back.

Secretary: Alright sir, we will sure take care of everything.
(M.D leaves and curtain closes)

(Stage opens on the Secretary in her office with a pile of files on her desk, attending to them one after the other)

Secretary: (Picks up her phone to put a call across to one of their clients) Hello, good morning sir, this is Clara calling from WiGRadio. 

Client: Oh, dear Clara! Good morning. How are you today? Just thought about calling you.

Secretary: I’m very fine thank you sir. You didn’t show up for your program this morning. Checked if you sent any recording to the mail but saw none. Hope everything is fine sir?

Client: Yes Clara, I had to attend an impromptu meeting in the office and I thought we were going to close early but believe me when I say the meeting just ended now. So sorry I didn’t call to inform you.

Secretary: Wow! It’s okay sir. Hope to see you next week sir.

Client: Sure. Take care and enjoy the rest of your day.

Secretary: Bye.
(She hangs up, got back to attending to the files and instructing her colleagues at the same time as the curtain close)


(Clara is shown in her bedroom relaxing as phone rings)

Clara: (Picks up her phone) Yea, hello dear, fine. Bawo ni day eh?

Clara’s fiancé: (0n the other end of the phone) Thank God it went fine. So what’s up with your dress?

Clara: Well, I sent a message to the manager of the boutique today, she said it is almost ready for pick up. How far with the interior décor you were supposed to contact? Mum called today by the way, she said she has put everything in place and that she has also confirmed from the pastor if the church will be free on that Saturday we chose.

Fiance: Oh, its okay, that is very good to know. And as for Deji, the event planner, he said he has some other events to manage on that weekend but that he has assigned it to one of his boys to manage so that he can attend ours.

Clara: Alright, that sounds perfect! So we can say we have everything in place.

Fiance: Yes dear, I can’t wait to be married to you!

Clara: Hmm, can I?


(Stage opens on Clara sobbing and soliloquizing)

Ecclesiastes 1:2 (a small still voices says: Vapor of vapors and futility of futilities, says the preacher. Vapor of vapors and futility of futilities. All is vanity (emptiness, falsity and vainglory) 

Clara: Hmm, and now I am so fed. I just don’t know what to do again. And I most definitely cannot go ahead with this wedding. How am I even supposed to manage another person when I barely know who I am myself? I don’t even know myself anymore. I did I even get here? Wasn’t I just the most vibrant, intelligent and all knowing lady I have ever known? Do I not used to feel like I’m not just another believer but God’s friend? Was I not just another of Holy Spirit’s gist partner? What has happened to our relationship? Hmm, me that used to talk to the Him like I was talking with a friend. From where (and when) did this feeling of voidness came from?

The devil: Well, that is a totally awkward feeling afterall. You will get over it soon. Give it time. Wait till you get married. Atleast your fiancé is a fervent prayer warrior. You guys will start praying together by the time you get married and then your relationship with the holy spirit will be restored and you will be back on your feet again.

Clara: Hmm. . .

The Devil: Yes, wasn’t your fiancé an exco when he was in school? Does his father not own a church? That aside, don’t you even think you are asking for too much sef? Atleast, you are the next in command after your M.D at your place of work, you have a good pay and everyone at work and hope respects you. Also your fashion designing career is going fine. Even most of your client likes and respects you. 

Clara: Hmm. . .

The Devil: Yes! (he said deceptively), talking about the church, they know you work in a big firm and they admire you for that. They respect you. Even your old and new friends admires and envy you. You had better be grateful for all that.

Clara: Hmm, well yes, I am very aware of all that. But the, there is this feeling of emptiness within. Like I’m not doing enough. I feel there is something I’m supposed to do that I am yet to do. Holy spirit, where are you? I know I have most things going fine for me but. . .

{A small still voice says: Everything under the sun is meaningless, like chasing the wind.}

He further said. . .

You see most times we try to help outselves whenever we find ourselves in an unpleasant situation. 
We usually run to our own aid each time we feel we are loosing grip of everything.
We begin to strategize and ask such questions like, what other approach can I adopt to arrive at a better result?
Humans, many times when they get alot going fine in their life begin to conclude that they drafted and executed a good plan all by themselves and begin to pin others to the spot. 
They in their minds feel they actually are the most accessible person a man can ever meet. They begin to feel that they know the ABC of success. 

They get carried away in the euphoria of present achievements and life activities.

Forgetting that being at the center of God’s will is all that matters. . .
And not until you retrace your steps back, such individual never get fulfilled.
So if you as me what really matters. . .I’d simply say “is being at the center of God’s will.”

🖌️by Abolade Omowunmi O.


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