When you ask God for money, he would not rain down naira or dollars into your room, (that is not a miracle, that is magic and God is not a magician), what he would do is to rain down ideas that can generate finances. That is what it means for God to open the windows of heaven upon a man. These are some of the truths you get to hear when you listen to‪#‎GospelOfEntrepreneurship‬ on WiGRadio every Monday at 9:30am. On Monday 11th January, the Creative Director of SucroseCrafts (Miss Suror Obada), was live at WiGRadio. She is a quiet lady but the creativity in her head is not quiet, Adegbesan Oluwakayode Michael put her on the Entrepreneurship hot seat in exploring PLANNING vs SPONTANEITY in business. 

goe kayode

Two beautiful bags are patiently waiting for their lucky owners…. How to Win.

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Click here to download Suror Obada interview on WiGRadio


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