Q: Can we meet you ma?
A: My name is Jesutobi Elizabeth Fikayo
Q: What is it that you do?
A: I am a 200-level student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta from the department of. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management. Early last semester, I ventured into a couple of businesses. I started with an online transaction business which a good number of people know as ” *paga”*. So, I was able to help people with their money transfers to any bank in Nigeria and also make withdrawals, purchase of data and airtime too.
Q: And are you still into that?
A: Yes Ma. Recently, I got my POS machine to run the business properly but I haven’t got the funds required yet.
Q: Ok, you said you ventured into a couple of businesses and one of which is the *paga* business. So what are the others?
A: I run a mobile kitchen on campus as well. I started that as an alternative, just jokingly to me. But now, it’s one of the reasons I am well known in school. 
Q: So tell us, even though you started jokingly, have you always had interest in catering?
A: Well, while growing up, cooking was not really my thing. My mom wouldn’t even trust me with the cooking in the house, except my elder sister. So, I was not very interested like that while growing sha. 🤣 But that year, my sister left for school and my “secret” was let open 😫😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

But my mom was patient enough to teach me all I should know about cooking and overtime, it developed into a hobby. A strong one at that. 
Q: And it is basically the knowledge gathered from mum’s tutorials that you are now applying in Fikayo’s Kitchen? Or did you enrol for any formal training?
A: So basically, my mom was the one who birthed that love of cooking inside of me. So, that fateful day when I called her and told her about my plans, she just bought into it, gave me my startup capital and every tip I needed (my mom’s business skill is dope trust me). Afterwards, I started developing my own personal recipe. I follow one particular food guru on YouTube. So, I recreate her dishes and develop it. You know there’s like a general method of cooking most people know, the regular seasoning cube, salt to taste and the likes. But I discovered that there are loads of recipes that can take one’s meal to another level entirely🤪🤪

Q: What were your parents’ reaction? Was there any form of resistance or discouragement?
A: They were glad I was able to think out of the box and support myself in school. They never said I was disturbing them at all. I got all of their support and encouragement. But then, they were much particular about how I get to balance all I do with my academics (since that’s my primary assignment in school).

Q: Ok, so share with us. What was it like to take the first step? Did you ever feel that it would not work, considering what course mates might think, dealing with roommate and others?

A: Well, the way I started was funny sef. I first communicated the idea to my roommates, and they bought it. It was more like we all started it together. They assisted me in every way – in the kitchen, in packing and the likes. They all are just wonderful. They are a part of the inspiration that drives me. To someone who is yet to be admitted (into the University), please, pray about all things, even about the roommates you will be placed with in school.🤣🤣

When I started, I was receiving already-made food from a restaurant. But some persons complained badly about it that day. And that was the last time I did that and started my own kitchen fully and it was well appreciated🤗🤗 That response would have weighed me down. I knew what my ears heard. But I knew where I was going, so I was unbothered. And today, it just keeps getting better. We are not yet where we want to be, but we are obviously not where we used to be.

Q: Hmn. So criticisms (positive or negative) are meant to serve as stepping stones to the next level and not an excuse to entertain complacency or withdrawal. This is getting interesting. 
A: Very accurate ma📌📌
Q: To round off, explain to us the services Fikayo Jesutobi renders for a token👌
A: Our services include: Sales of different kinds of  dishes (both intercontinental and local), sales of soups (both local dish and regular), indoor catering services, outdoor catering services for both mini and large parties. 
Q: So you also do events?
A: Yes ma. As it is, we have been booked for an event in December.
Q: Your contacts please.
A: 📞 _09037053155,08055214894_
Q: Thank you so much for this.
A: Thank you so very much for having me here tonight ma. I do not take it lightly at all ma. 😫😫🙈🙈🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾



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