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Let’s promote your song!

Dear Music Minister,

We appreciate your interest in promoting your song with us at WiGRadio. WiGRadio is the leading online gospel radio station with vision to reach the world with good news. In over 3 years of existence, we have been able to reach over 110 countries from our Lagos and U.K studios after closing down our Malaysia studio recently. These pool of listeners make your song viable for a ready people who are committed to being blessed by the songs we promote on WiGRadio. WiGRadio is non-denominational and interdenominational and has a wide reach of audience across the world

Online Radio is a fast rising field of media in Nigeria and across the world. According to Statista, online radio attracts over 176.7 Million listeners in U.S.A (2016). Nigeria is a global player in the online radio listenership with more than 86.2 million internet users in the country (a penetration rate of 46.1, according to Internet Live Stats. Internet Radio Broadcasts is now a preferable means of broadcasting because the reach is not limited to a geographical region (unlike terrestrial radio).

With a great success at running live broadcasts and promoting gospel songs for our clients over the years, we have what it takes to reach more potential audience online with your song. We believe that if we are to impact the world with gospel content, then this great song should not be limited to only people who are within your geographical location and sphere of influence. We should however take it online so that thousands and millions of other people across the world who may not be in Lagos or in Nigeria can benefit from this great song God has planted in your heart for our generation.

Our team comprises media professionals with vast experience in gospel media and spiritual depth with relevant experience of the strategies which would prayerfully bring about great impact in the lives of people who listen to your song as it is promoted on our platform. We have attached a list of the services we would offer and the cost which is actually a kingdom subsidized price since we consider ourselves as partners with you in reaching the world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through your song.

We look forward to hearing from you soon on the music promotion plan. Please feel free to ask any question or make any request by replying this mail. You can also let us know if you would want to reduce on the plans at a discounted rate.

Together we can reach the world with good news.


Click here to download our promotion offer in pdf