Bethesda here connotes anything you think is impossible.
It may be difficulty in child bearing, financial struggles, marital setbacks, recurring hardship, infirmity and diseases etc.
But the good news is this, regardless of your bethseda experience, God is ABLE!

However, we must be careful not to make the same mistake the man in John 5 verse 1-16 made.
Yes, I call it a mistake.

In verse 6, Jesus asked him if he wants to be made well?
I didn’t expect anything less than YES as a reply, rather this man started complaining to Jesus how he had nobody to help him get to the pool whenever it stirs.
But we thank God for Grace, Jesus was not interested in the complains…He just said, “Rise, take up your bed and walk “

Here is my admonition, regardless of your situation convert your complains to Praise!
Bishop David Oyedepo once said and I quote….”Complain complicates issues”

In the Name of Jesus, you’d soon dance concerning that issue of concern.

God bless you!

By Favour Elijah
Friday, 10th July 2020


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