Psalm 81:9 (ESV), “There shall be no strange god among you; you shall not bow down to a foreign god”.

Every man has been built to worship or give reference.
So it’s in man’s nature to give glory or credit to something else or themselves.

So many people who don’t know God however have been giving glory and directing their credits to something else aside God.

Serving idol isn’t only when one bows to a graven image but anything that one places above God be it money, properties, family, fashion etc.

Imagine how hurt you will be when someone else gets the credit for a job you did.

God gets hurt too and He is jealous when we don’t glorify Him.

Lay everything you might have placed above God on the altar of sacrifice.
Make God number one in your life.

By Favour Elijah
Thursday, 20th of August 2020.


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