Love is the greatest force in the universe. When the love is perfect like the scriptures say, it casts out fear. But what happens when “Perfect” love meets a “Star?” There’s bound to be fireworks! Join us as Olawale Perfect and his heartthrob, Opeyeoluwa Ajayi, share their relationship journey with the WiGRadio crew.

Wigradio: Can you tell us about yourself?

OpeStar: My name is Opeyeoluwa Esther Ajayi. I’m a singer, shoemaker.

Olawale Perfect: My name is Olawale Perfect, I am an ardent lover of God who is passionate about the media. I am the fifth of five children of the Lawal’s family. I had my first degree in Biochemistry where I had the privilege to graduate with a first class after which I pursued my passion which is media. I am the CEO of WiGRadio, an online gospel radio station saddled with the responsibility of reaching the world with Good News. I was ordained as a Pastor recently at Dominion Harvest Intl Church. I am engaged to my best friend Opeyeoluwa and we are getting married on Saturday 27th July 2019.

Wigradio: Tell us about your salvation experience

Olawale Perfect: I was a pre-teenager in the choir of Winners Chapel.  Most people do not know I used to be a chorister. On January 16, 1999, the choirmaster shared a salvation message with us and I think the reality of salvation hit me for the first time. 

I had been a church boy before then but that day, I gave my life to Christ. I have rededicated my life to Christ a couple of times after that, but the first time I really started the salvation journey was in 1999.

OpeStar: I don’t have a particular salvation story. I was brought up in a Christian home. I loved God. Read my Bible. Sang hymns. A good Anglican girl. I attended church as my parents allowed us. I was forced to join the choir but I served well.

In the course of service, I discovered God more in his essence. I understood what it meant to walk with God more. I understood a relationship with Him. I became more serious with God and he honoured himself in my life. I understood a bit of my assignment. So my salvation experience is like a relationship that grew. I grew in God and I’m still growing. I still maintained my Anglican lifestyle because I understood my relationship with God was not church-based.

Wigradio: OpeStar, we know you have always been friends with Mr Perfect and a part of almost everything he does. Have you always known that he was the one?

OpeStar: No. I didn’t start out knowing he was the one. I’ll take this question to mean how we met. I met Mr Perfect like every other student that attends his programs. It was at Unilag LVCU Fresher’s Night. He was invited. And he spoke so well, I had to buy his book. I followed him on Facebook thereafter. I loved what he was doing and he became a role model to me.

Wigradio: (Interrupts) Oh, were you in school at the same time? Or he was through while you were in your final year?

OpeStar: No. He graduated even before I gained admission.

Olawale Perfect: I graduated in 2009 but had my convocation on 20th January 2010. I think the program she was talking about was the Fresher’s Night of Lagos Varsity Christian Union in 2011.

OpeStar: I think it was fresher’s night program in 2010 or 2011 because I was in year two then. I sent him several messages on Facebook. There was no response. One day, I saw an advert for writers for WigRadio website. I applied and my article was accepted. He added me to the family group after then. And we became friends from there.

Wigradio: So you said he spoke so well that you couldn’t resist searching for him and all. Was it on that day you gave your life to Christ or . . .?

OpeStar: (Laughs) It wasn’t about the speaking alone. When I heard about him, he was someone I wanted to be like. His profile was like my dream profile.

Wigradio: So how did your relationship start?

Olawale Perfect: I knew she sent a couple of messages to me on Facebook but it is either I did not respond or I gave a very simple official response to it. 

Then there was one time I announced on my Facebook that we needed writers for our website. Outside of those who had already been part of the Wisdom Gate Family, only one person responded. Her name is Ope. I can still remember the article which was titled: The Swordless Christian. The article ministered to me personally but there was nothing more than that.

Then she later attended WiGMedia Institute and graduated, but we were not even close. She was later added to the Wisdom Gate Family WhatsApp group where we have a daily bible study. 

One time, we had a bible study and she contributed and I realised that this lady is sound in the word. That got me attracted to her. So there was a time we needed someone to head the bible study team and she volunteered. She did the job so excellently well that I was like what planet is this lady from. I mean she was super-efficient and her depth in the word got me. I am addicted to the word of God so when I see a lady who is deep in the word, it has an effect on me. From there we became close friends.

From being close friends, she became my best friend. One time I was praying and trusting God for what next to do about relationship and marriage and she was so strongly laid on my heart.

I resisted the thought because I had been in some relationships that did not work out but her own case was different. I remember getting home one day and praying all through the night asking God to let me know if I should go ahead or not. I did not want to do trial and error or gamble with the relationship. And then the confirmations began to come. I had not less than 7 confirmation that she was the one.

I invited her on a date to Shoprite at Ota and made my intentions known, she said she wanted to really know me and I was wondering what exactly she wanted to know. She was just so bent on knowing more about me but at that time, I was too sure she was the one so I waited until some weeks later and she said yes, even though she did not really say it directly. So our courtship started in April 2018 and it has been interesting.

Wigradio: Miss Opeyeoluwa what was your reaction to Mr P’s “thus saith the Lord, you are the bone that was removed from my ribs?”  Were you expecting it when it came?

Olawale: Well, I did not use those lines actually… I simply told her that I love and appreciate her and I believe we are going in the same direction and I would love for her to go with me on this journey. I did not intimidate her with spiritual visions. 

OpeStar: Well, I wasn’t moved by it.  Like I said, I saw him as a mentor. I didn’t want someone to just like me because I can take Bible study or because I could pray. Things may not be always like that. What if I don’t have the strength to do them again? What happens to the love? So, I had to be careful.

Wigradio: So OpeStar, some men use love poems to woo ladies, was it the same in your own case?

OpeStar: No. It wasn’t. 

Mr Perfect is a straight to the point person. I like the poem guys o. I love music. Poetry and all. But Mr Perfect was not for all that. Straight to the point…In my mind, I was like, what kind of guy is this?

Wigradio: Would you like to share some of the challenges in the relationship so far?

OpeStar: Basically, communication challenges and background differences. To an extent, we share the same values. He’s typically my dream man. Minus the physical attributes. So, the lesson here is that it’s not always about the physical.

Olawale Perfect: Communication was probably one of our major challenges before now. I could be very straight to the fault. I  could also be impatient trying to get things done and sorted immediately, I learnt patience through her and I can say today that she has really influenced me positively.

Wigradio: Was there any time you felt intimidated by his level spiritually compared to yours then when it all first started.

No. If there’s one thing about me. I love men who have a good relationship with God. I crush on them. Lol. I’ve crushed on Daddy Adeboye, Damilola Mike Bamiloye. I look up to them. Not being intimidated. I feel if they can achieve it, I can too. So I was never intimidated. I just loved what I saw and I wanted to be like Mr Perfect in a lot of ways. 

I had a book where I wrote out some points he wrote on WigRadio website on how he spent his birthday over some years. I wrote it out and I wanted to do the same. I was like “so, we still have selfless men in this generation?” I thought and I still think Mr Perfect is selfless, and that attribute is sexy.

Wigradio: We have heard about something called “God’s Will in relationships”. Can you share your perspective on that?

Olawale Perfect: The will of God. Very interesting. Let me start by saying there are three major schools of thoughts to this. 

The first one says that there is one specific person that God has prepared for you, who is the bone of your bone, and if you miss that person, you have missed it for life.

The second school of thought says that God does not choose for man but you can choose anyone you like. They use scripture like he who finds a wife, finds a good thing, so you have to find by yourself.

The third school of thought believes there is an active participation between you and God. You pray to God to reveal his will to you in marriage and God brings someone to you and you can prayerfully get married to that person. I think I fall into the third category.

So I would say that there is a will of God in marriage and we must prayerfully seek God before getting married. However, there is no one specific person that God has ordained. There are more than one person who can fit into the will of God.

Wigradio: So you can say that was how you found Ope?

Olawale Perfect: I would say Yes… But I look at her now, and I can say that she is the best of the will of God for me.

Wigradio: What role has your faith in God played in the relationship?

Olawale Perfect: Our faith is the foundation for our relationship. The reason why I am attracted to her is that we can easily discuss the things of God together. I remember that we usually have something called WhatsApp pulpit where we would both explore some bible truth with each other for a long time and keep learning from each other and those are the things that help our relationship grow.

I remember we both agreed to pray together weekly and we even supplemented it with fasting until we were both advised to reduce our fasting due to health reasons. Every Tuesday, I would be taking prayers in our phone conversation which can be anything from an hour to when we feel very sleepy. She would do the same on Thursdays. These things bonded us together.

Wigradio: Let’s get it a little bit deeper now. What’s your take on romance in a relationship? What do you think is the limit.

Olawale Perfect: I believe that as Christians, the bible is our standard so we must not cross certain boundaries. We would get tempted but we must seek to please God. So when we define the boundaries and seek to please God, we are safe. So healthy romance is about knowing your partner’s love language and speaking it. It could be gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service etc. Speak that love language and you would be considered romantic.

Sex is a no go area. same with kissing. It is advisable to keep these things for the wedding night. So we should distinguish between healthy and unhealthy romance.

I feel tempted a lot of times o. This is not my first relationship but let me focus on just this my relationship that would culminate into marriage in a few days time. There were times when the heat of the moment was really hard on me. My partner seemed to have things under control more. At the beginning of the relationship, we agreed and set the boundaries. We agreed that there would be no sex and no kissing. Now I look forward to the first kiss I would be sharing with her in three days time and many other things.

The Bible speaking about Jesus in Heb 12:2 says, for the joy that was set before him, he endured the cross and despised the shame. Sincerely it is not easy because we both love each other and we are sexually attracted to each other but I would say God kept us.

Wigradio: Combining your busy schedule with a relationship. What’s the trick?

Olawale Perfect: The moment I got into this relationship, I told myself that she is a priority to me. I don’t joke with her. We chat during the day, while at work. We pray together over the phone and we make out time to meet at least twice in a week at Ile Epo bridge. That is why we decided to use that same bridge for our pre-wedding photoshoot.

Wigradio: Which couples do you look up to as role models in your marital journey?

Olawale Perfect: We look up first to the relationship between Christ and the Church. I always tell her that the standard with which I want to love her is “as Christ loved the church”. That is what the bible says in Ephe 5. 

We also look up to people like Mike Bamiloye whose children are all doing exploits for God in ministry. We are going to raise godly seeds like that who would live their life for the kingdom.

Wigradio: What advice do you have for young people going into relationships and marriage?

Olawale Perfect: Put God first in your relationship. Desire strongly to please God. God is really looking for people he can use as a platform to reveal himself to the world and your relationship can be that model relationship that God would use to reach out to the world. 

For brothers, keep doing the work of ministry sir. Your allocation is in your location. When you get busy serving God, he would take care of you. Adam was busy in the garden naming the animals and God brought Even to come his way. So get occupied with God and she would come around sooner than you think.

For sisters, just keep doing the work of God too. Don’t spend all your energy looking for a man. Rather spend that time developing yourself,  growing in God and doing the work of ministry. My babe volunteered to head a bible study team and that caught my attention. It is like how Rebecca was busy giving water to the camel of Eliezer the servant of Abraham. Rebecca was not looking for a husband. She was just looking for an opportunity to bless more lives and she blessed the camels and that was how she got  her husband

Wigradio: What is your vision for this marriage?

Olawale Perfect: My vision is to run the race with my best friend and achieve greater things in ministry with her. Together we plan to bless more lives and we have already started. For instance, we would be launching a book together on Saturday at our wedding.


  1. I so much appreciate God for your life my brother. The good God will keep your home in perfect peace in Jesus name.

    I am still coming to have a discussion with you.

    More of God in your life my brother.

    Say me well to your beloved wife.


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