No one believed in Saul when he got to Jerusalem. They felt he was a cheat based on his history of persecuting the saints. But one man believed in him – Barnabas.

It was Barnabas who brought Saul to the apostles. Barnabas knew Saul enough to vouch for him. He was the one who told the disciples and apostles of the genuineness of Saul’s conversion. He told them of Saul’s exploits thus far. And that was how Saul became accepted by them.

Like Saul, the call of God is heavy upon your life. Yes, you’re loaded with so much talent and potentials. Yes, you’re the next best thing to happen to mankind since jollof Rice. But, understand that you need a Barnabas.

Every Saul needs a Barnabas.

Barnabas is someone who will introduce you, someone who will connect you to power relationships, someone who will vouch for you before those that matter.  Call him a divine connector if you will.

You cannot force your way into certain circles. Barnabas is your access code. And you can’t bribe or manipulate Barnabas. He is a gift from God.

It’s just like Joseph in Egypt too. His Barnabas was the chief butler. It was the chief butler who recommended him to Pharaoh at that critical moment in destiny.

Barnabas can only come as an expression of God’s mercy to you. And that’s the prayer you should be praying even as you give your very best where you are right now.

And the prayer is that God should extend his mercy towards you and send your own Barnabas, your divine connectors your way.

We look forward to hearing your testimony.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

© Toni Olatunji
August 2020

Pastor Toni Olatunji

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