Few months ago, a doctor caused controversies with a tweet of his.

Here’s an excerpt from what he said…

“If your CGPA is anything from 1.5 to 2.9, do your absolute best to scale up to at least 3.0.

If you have tried all your possible best and nothing changes, don’t worry, you might still make it in life.

Now, the last statement caused a lot of controversies on Twitter

With alot of people saying CGPA and even school as a whole na scam

Is this really true? I’ll leave you to decide

But first, listen to the story of two of my close friends

  1. Tola, an undergraduate in unilag, makes about one million naira yearly on scholarship from various establishments.

All he does is just to maintain his first class cgpa and he gets paid yearly.

  1. Yemisi, an entrepreneur, discovered she does extremely well when it comes to selling.

So she left her pursuit of a degree and went full-time into building her business

Today, she has her brand business

And yes she’s making a whole lot of money as profit every month.

Now what do these two have in common?

Simple. They chose a path, worked really hard, and are now reaping the rewards.

You see, Making money isn’t actually measured by what you do, but by how you do it!

You do not become financially successful by running a business, you become financially successful by how you run a business.

And this is the lesson I want you to learn today

Either you want to go into business

Or learn a skill

Or get a degree in school

Whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t matter

And if you do it the right way, with hardwork and consistency, you are bound to be successful

Which is the end product of every path available for you to follow.

So what the host of heavens want me to tell you today,is that, strive to be the best, in whatever you do, regardless of what it is.

If you’re stuck on what decisions to make financially, listen to LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: BUSINESS every morning on Mondays.

Do have a great day.

Morayo Adeniyi.


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