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God’s Dinosaurs


If there is one aspect of Science that Christians sometimes shy away from, it is on the concept of Evolution. A Christian would obviously believe in creationism rather than in evolution. However there would be a problem, the problem is “How then do we explain the existence of creatures like DINOSAURS?”

These were some of the conversations that Olawale Perfect had with Allen Nance (Texas) on Wednesday 26th August 2020 during the program #MyBookShelf.

According to Allen, since the first time evolution was suggested as an answer for explaining our existence a struggle has ensued. Evolutionists struggle to prove themselves right. Creationists struggle to prove evolutionists wrong and the accepted Biblical stories correct. In both cases, the concepts of the other party leave their own explanations incomplete.

In his book “GOD’S DINOSAURS: A BIBLICAL STUDY”, Allen serves to set the records straight. He takes into account the words of God as they are actually written and the scientific explanations of the dinosaur bones. The results are both intriguing and eye-opening. God created the dinosaur and all other life on earth. However, the true story may not be what you think. This book is your guide to discovering the real truth, as it has never been told.

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