Purpose is a Journey, you might sometimes experience disappointment, betrayal, lack, almost giving up, spiritual combat but it always end in breakthroughs for those who refuse to give up on that journey.

Everyone was created with a Plan, that Plan can only be unveiled by God and your real life does not begin until you discover that plan and purpose of God for your life.

Have you discovered the plan of God for your life? Have you started walking on the journey of purpose? How can you remain on track in this journey when many are giving up before they get to the promised land?

These are the things we would be exploring on the program IN THE JOURNEY OF PURPOSE.

Join Folashade Osho every Tuesday on WiGRadio by 9:00pm for this life enriching program that would help you navigate your purpose journey through life.

Click here to download the audio podcast IN THE JOURNEY OF PURPOSE 

You can listen to this program live on WiGRadio 1 (Wisdom Gate Radio), on www.WiGRadio.com, or download the WiGRadio mobile app from google play store for Android devices by clicking here.

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