Thanksgiving is a way of showing appreciation to God.
We need to thank him for everything he has done because we sure cannot do it by our power.
You think you are going through some certain challenges that’s overwhelming you?. You think it’s all over for you and you doubt whether God deserves the thanks?

This song “Ese Oluwa” by Okunlola Kenny is a song you should listen to “Ese Oluwa” is a thanksgiving gospel song inspired by God to show gratitude and appreciation to him. The song is aimed at blessing every soul that listens to it.

Kenny Ese Oluwa cover image

Okunlola Kehinde is a worship leader and a song writer. He has a burning passion for the things of God. He is Currently the Teenage Leader at RCCG Mount of Olives. He is also running a Bachelors Degree Program in Business Administration at the Prestigious University of Lagos. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria.
For more information Contact him on: +2348130770890.

Click here to download Ese Oluwa 


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