Olawale Perfect: Fought “agbana” with book keeping.

What is book keeping? In simple terms, it is all about keeping financial records of your income and expenditures. In the tribe where I come from in Nigeria, Yoruba to be precise, there is a demon called Agbana (loosely translated as “collect and spend”), which is believed to always cause financial wreck and doom for its victims the moment they come under its curse. For instance, if a person who earns ₦100, 000 is under the influence of Agbana, it is believed that he may not be able to properly account for how the entire money was spent; he would just find that the money or part of it got missing, disappeared or was carelessly spent.

When I was an undergraduate, Agbana got me! You know when they say “won ti get e” (meaning “they have gotten you”). My parents would send me some money and in no time I would have exhausted it without accurate account of how it all went. Trust me, it’s a painful experience. So I started praying against Agbana. There are some business owners and salary earners reading this who might be praying that kind of prayer too. Today is your day of deliverance!

The day God would answer my prayers, he told me to start keeping financial records. Yes, financial records! Just that! So I started to write down everything I spent money on. I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time so I wasn’t spending the money on anyone. When I started keeping records, guess what? I discovered the demon. The demon was exposed the “MFM way.” The demon was actually recharge card.  I realized that recharge card was the demon eating my money.

So funny but until you keep records, you might not discover your own financial demon. I was wondering how to overcome that demon and make sure it finally “falls down and dies.” So I developed a system of buying only ₦100 recharge card weekly and sending only SMSs. That was where I developed my message sending skill. I later carried that habit of record keeping into WiG Radio and it has been so helpful.

Keeping financial statements helps us to make projections and to know things to cut.

For instance, there was a time I realized that Internet was taking so much money so I was wondering how we could cut cost. I had to sit down and compare all the Internet service providers and choose the best that suits us. Also, I realized that fuel took a lot of our money so I had to think of how to plan on strategic times for us to broadcast.

If we were not keeping financial records, there would be no way to plan for the future

Many of us get money and we just spend without keeping records of it.  As individuals and as business organization, it is important that we keep records.

I will share more insights on how you can keep financial records next week. Just watch out for this space. For now, tidy up your records and “chase out” the Agbana in your personal finance or business.


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