Is worship different from worship?

What makes one person’s worship acceptable and another unacceptable?

The state of your heart. A worship rendered to God from a heart of joy attracts His unrivaled attention. Like some people would say, He doesn’t send His angels to deliver answers, God Himself visits you.

Join the Choir of St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Mende, Maryland in their 19th annual Choir Anniversary concert as they render joyful praises to God most High with Hymns, Solos and chants this Saturday 19th October 2019 by 3pm at St Jude Anglican Church, 1 Kode Street, Mende, Maryland, Lagos.

Featuring Hymns like Amazing Grace arranged by John Rutter, Rock of Ages arranged by J Lincoln Hall
Solos in various languages, Soulful Worship Session. Performance by St. Jude’s Maryland Choir led by Akinwale Mosopefoluwa accompanied by Tobi Balogun and Seyi Durolaje

This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen from any part of planet earth via WiGRadio 1 on or download the WiGRadio mobile app by by clicking here.



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