Lift Africa is a youth led organization focused on transforming African youths through inspirational words and Quotes with Annual Summit of Greatness.

VISION:Working toward bringing hope back to Africa by lifting in-built greatness in African Youths to live, to learn, to lead and create with a positive mindset of restructuring Africa back to normal position and as a greater component to the wider world for true leadership, restoration and mentorship.



Where would you be this Saturday 3rd September 2016? Join us live at Yaba Baptist Event Hall, Sabo-Yaba Lagos


MISSION:Using Inspirational words as a tool of influence to bring out in-built Greatness in African Youth.To promote and organize an inspirational Summit that will Lift and inspire souls across the continent.To stand as an organization that ready to intervene for the greatness of Africa by working towards making Africa violence free continent.To stand as an organization that would be praying and interceding for the continent for peace to reign.

VALUES:Our core values are Greatness, Integrity, Peace, Humility, True Leadership, Mentorship and Compassion

OBJECTIVES:Lift Africa shall operate to realize the following objectives;To build proper leadership through Mentorship in the young Africa generation to enhance their potential for the development of Africa continent.To support the Africa Union, United Nation and relevant Multinational bodies for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in AfricaTo build a unifying Youth structure for African Youth Leaders through good communication and networking in the development of their Communities.To help African youth members with mentorship to enable turning of ideas into real ventures.To provide entrepreneurship education through social media to change youths paradigms into creativity and innovation so as to increase production among African states through youths

To encourage talent development and specialisation in the African education system as a means of promoting innovation among youths.


This program would be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of world via or download the mobile app via




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