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Seekers Retreat 2022 (They Continued Steadfastly)


Acts 2:42….and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and in breaking of bread and in prayer….

The disciples devoted themselves to the “apostles’ teaching.” The apostles had no particular credentials as teachers, no formal religious training. They had been fishermen, tax collectors and ordinary citizens.
Yet, it was clear to the believers that the apostles had come in the power and authority of Jesus. They had the experience of being with Jesus and being taught by him directly. For these reasons, the new converts were careful to listen to and put into practice the apostles’ teachings.

Everything Jesus taught, the disciples put into practice. The love and unity among them was exactly as Jesus had prayed for.

The early church set the example we should follow of being committed to the fellowship of other believers. It demonstrated how our fellowship should be done through loving and caring, worship, and small groups.

We’re expected to gather together to share our testimonies, pray for one another and for God’s Kingdom to expand, eat together, work together on projects, share things with one another.

The church isn’t a building. Church isn’t something you attend.
The Church is a family, you are part of if you are saved by Jesus Christ.
You are called to the fellowship of believers if you are saved by Jesus Christ. Fellowship is the Greek word koinōnía (κοινωνία), which means “participation, communion, fellowship.” You are called to participate with other believers in the mission of God.

God’s Seekers Renewal Centre is calling you to it’s 2nd Quarter 2022 Solemn Assembly

Theme: They Continued Steadfastly..
Date: Friday 17th June to Sunday 19th June 2022 (Friday program starts at 8:00 pm)
Venue: Moses Apartment Hall, Redemption Camp, Km 42, Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

It is going to be a time of prayer, word exposition and fellowship in the presence of God.

Register now via or call +2347065871857 for more details.

God bless you as you heed the call to fellowship.

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