Have you ever watched a season film before? I have watched a couple of season films before and I usually realise that the real story gets to be told in season 2. Many times we expect the story to end in season I but season 2 is where the real story gets to be told. I was at Season 1 of Breaking Soul Ties Seminar last year and expectations are so high this year for Season 2. There have been so many testimonies from people who attended Season 1. Some of them would be around to share their testimonies.

What are your plans for Saturday 23rd March 2016? All road leads to

The Auditorium, RCCG Tabernacle of David, Ajah at 10:00am

Theme: Loosed and Set Free.



Click here to register for Season II of Breaking Soul Ties Seminar or visit www.soulties-naija.xyz

You can also get updates via

Twitter: @SoulTiesTweets, @TODbeulah, @SolaAdio, @WiGRadio

Mail: breakingsoulties@karisministries.org

This program will be live on WiGRadio and you can listen live from any part of planet earth via www.wigradio.com or download WiGRadio mobile app via www.wigradio.com/apps

See you there!

You should also attend LOVE Banquet. Check the image for more details.



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