WiGRADIO: The beautiful love story begins, but this time it is not just a fairytale. The union of one of favorite couples, Olufemi Gbenga Kolawole and Olakanrun Esther Abimbola is something marvelous, exceeding the imaginations of make belief and hardcover fantasies. Be rest assured that you won’t be left out of this exciting love story, follow closely and you will see the unfolding of the ageless tale of love before your eyes, a tale of attraction, sacrifice and marital bliss.

Let’s get started shall we?

WIGRADIO: Can you both introduce yourselves?

PRINCEKOLEFS: I am Kolawole Olufemi Gbenga. I am also known as Princekolefs in WiGRadio, I am a member of the Wisdom Gate family, I am from Abeokuta, Ogun state. My hobbies are talking and writing. My favorite dish is Eba with any native soup and I don’t have a favorite color, I just believe in simplicity when it comes to it.

HADASSAH: I am Olakanrun Esther Abimbola, I hail from Ogun state. My hobbies are: reading, listening to music and writing, my favorite food is beans and my favorite color is blue.

WIGRADIO: Why do you really want to get married sir?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Well, it is the wish of God for us all to at a point in time, multiply. Much more, I think there is a need for growth. Simply said, “Marriage duty” calls.

WiGRADIO: So with all these reasons that you have given, where does love play out in your desire to marry? If it does.

PRINCEKOLEFS: Well, it takes love to see beyond the surface, that’s why I could settle down within myself and think of getting married to Ifemi because of the love I have for her. In a way, what I am saying is love comes first before any other thing in regards to marrying Ifemi.

WiGRADIO: Is that a “lovename” you have for her (Ifemi) or her real name? If so, what does she call you in response?

PRINCEKOLEFS: That is the ‘lovename’ and in response she calls me ‘baby.’

WiGRADIO: What are the qualities you have always looked forward to in a man and hope you found it in Princekolefs⁩?

ESTHER (IFEMI): Hmmmm…well, the qualities I look forward to in a man are first of all spiritual before physical. What turns me on most is the desire to know more. The willingness to learn new things and last of all having a teachable spirit and I saw some of these qualities in my man before I chose him…if there’s anything princekolefs will not joke with, it’s his reverence for God, he may joke a lot but when it comes to things that are important, he’s always serious with it. Also, Princekolefs is firm, he’s a no nonsense man. He is always smiling and his smile is very contagious, I’m the kind of person that gets stressed up easily but he’s always there to lift my spirits either through one of his pranks or something else he manages to pull off.

WiGRADIO: When did you both meet and where?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Hmmmmm, that was some years back during our undergraduate days. It was on a beautiful and sunny afternoon, and we met in-front of one of the halls in school (OAU).

WIGRADIO: In what year?


HADASSAH: We met on campus, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) to be precise. I could remember that day, I went to visit a member of the Christian club I belonged to then at Faluyi hall and Princekolefs happened to be one of the neighbors of the said member.

WiGRADIO: Who made the first approach?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Me, of course.

HADASSAH: He did…with his ever smiling and cheerful spirit.

WIGRADIO: What are those qualities you saw in Hadassah that attracted you to her?

PRINCEKOLEFS: She loves God and she believes in me, though she can try to play pranks at times, she still is very understanding. She is a love being and a goal getter.

WIGRADIO: How would you describe your courtship, as it is rounding off to marriage in a few days from now?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Well it’s been awesome, though it’s not without it’s fair share of ups and downs.

WiGRADIO: PrinceKolefs, we were told you were the one who made the first move, how did you do this?

PRINCEKOLEFS: To tell you the truth, I wasn’t thinking of starting a relationship with anyone the first time I saw her. I was just trying to do ‘aro'(pulling of people’s leg) but then I noticed a difference in her. And as God would have it, I saw her again the second day and my spirit ministered to me “Femi, go meet her and accompany her to the hostel.” She didn’t say anything much but then I persisted, not really for a reason I was sure of then. What I can say is that I was just convinced beyond conviction that I should continue talking to her. Eventually, she said YES.

WiGRADIO: Have you both kissed before?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Of course, we did that at the IKOYI registry.

WIGRADIO: Was that the first kiss?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Surely it wasn’t the first kiss.

WIGRADIO: What’s your advice to those looking unto God for the bone of the bone and the flesh of their flesh?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Be sincere with yourself and believe in God. Be led.

WIGRADIO: In the early days of WiGRadio, you passed through almost all of the different offices including Station Manager, how did that happen and who told you about WiGRadio?

PRINCEKOLEFS: I got to know about WiGRadio through curiosity. I just felt then that there should be something called an internet radio, so I googled it up and I saw WiGRadio and also Praiseworld radio. I wrote to Praiseworld but I didn’t get any response. So still in my curiosity, I asked Esther (Ifemi) and she said she knows of a radio station called, WiGRadio. I got papa P’s number from her and the rest is history.

WiGRADIO: There are people in WiGRadio that used to feel like PrinceKolefs is very tough and difficult to understand. That opinion seems to have changed greatly now. What exactly happened and what influence did Hadassah have on this aspect of your life?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Well, it seems that those people only saw a part of me then. I am this person that believes that in an ideal setting, things should be done ideally. When I see people standing or playing when we have much to do, it gets me angry. Pertaining to Hadassah’s influence, she has had a profound effect on me in that regard. You can’t move with ladies without shedding some of your masculinity.

WIGRADIO: Have you ever had a misunderstanding before, how did you resolve it?

PRINCEKOLEFS: We have had a lot but after sometime, we always find a way of coming to terms with each other so as to grow higher in our relationship.

WIGRADIO: How long has your relationship been?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Hmmm, it’s been 8 years now.

WiGRADIO: Why did it take you this long to get married?

PRINCEKOLEFS: The answer is simple…MONEY.

WIGRADIO: People say that those who claim that money is the reason as to why they are not ready to get married are only giving an excuse because we would never get to a time when we have all the money. What is your take on this? Would you say you have amassed all the wealth you need to get married now?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Well, to an extent they are right but then money is the “keke of ihinrere.”

WIGRADIO: Hmm…Oro agba.

WiGRADIO: From your eight years wealth of experience in being in a relationship, what advice would you love to give to people who are just about to enter into a relationship?

PRINCEKOLEFS: Money is Important, there is absolutely nothing that we can do without the use of money. It only becomes a problem when we are not satisfied with the little that we have to carry us through with the help of God.

Never forget these important things:

Be sincere with yourself.

Be in tune with God always.

Learn to overlook grievances.

Appreciate what you have.

Respect and adore her.

Love her, love her and love her.

WiGRADIO: Apart from the hinderance that the lack of funds caused, would you say it was a great idea to court for 8 years?

PRINCEKOLEFS: There is nothing great about being a “Metushella” in relationship?

WiGRADIO: Within those 8 years, you must have seen some beautiful ladies/guys who would have the kind of features you admire in each other, how were you able to stay this long without wavering? Not many people can keep a relationship that long. What is the secret?

This question is directed to both of you?

PRINCEKOLEFS: It is better to do whatever you want to do on time so as to focus on other things yet to be looked at. Well, all thanks to God and also Hadassah, I can say I have fulfilled one of my greatest desires. She knows what she wants and she stood by it. There were times when there were mistakes, we settled it and we moved on.

HADASSAH: Hmmmm…it wasn’t easy but we made it eventually. There were lots of temptations and advances from different men, but then, I knew what I wanted and I couldn’t settle for any man better than him. Most times, we would even talk and joke about our encounters and experiences with other suitors but then God knows we are made for each other and nothing can change that.

WiGRADIO to MR & MRS KOLEFS: Wow…Amazing, Thank you so much for giving us an audience. We pray for a successful wedding and an even more successful marriage. God Bless your union, Mr & Mrs Kolefs.

WiGRADIO to YOU: Don’t worry! we have not come to the end, only the beginning of yet another beautiful love story designed for bliss and unending joy. Love never Ends, what seems like an ending is only a beginning…

Cheers to a beautiful beginning Princekolefs and Ifemi. We are rooting for you!


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