WiGRadio hosted a blessed and anointed Music Minister on her birthday. She is one of Africa’s leading music ministers. Mrs. Toyin Joe-Bassey, reaching the World with Goodnews through Music.

This interview with Korede Bams, Fiwajomi and Winnie from WiGRadio extensively explore her life and ministry.

WiGRadio: Can we meet you?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: Toyin Joe-Bassey is a female African recording Gospel artiste, prolific songwriter/composer, design artist, author, organizer, with an MBA degree and currently pursuing a Masters in Christian Counseling. She is a crazy lover of Jesus and an ardent pursuer of the unity of the Body of Christ.
WiGRadio: What made you Realise you were going to do Music Professionally?

WiGRadio: How did you discover that you had The Music Gift in you?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: Maybe my Father discovered it. Born in the late ‘60s into a Christian home. I began to sing in the public at the age of 9 alongside my twin brother, Tosin Ajolore under our father’s tutelage and other family members. We served and gave choral support to our father’s ministry; bringing on God’s glory whenever he had any pulpit assignment. He taught us sofa notation and corporate singing. I did lead vocals in my personally put-together group at the UNI, was part of my brother’s groups, and led in 3 choirs. I trained some vocalists, organize concerts all in the space of 37years, before going public as an independent artist.

WiGRadio: How do you as a mother manage family and your music career?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: Determination and Desire are qualities that you must have. I do not have a music career as it is now, Music & Meditation are my lifestyles and my family knows. I take on what I can and leave the rest. If there is no balance, there will be no peace and harmony.

WiGRadio: Has there been any point you felt like giving up on Gospel music? If No, …..What are the factors that built your consistency?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: Oh Yes!
WiGRadio: What kept you going regardless?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: The purpose of my call kept me going. Music in itself is a tool. If you as a minister in music do not understand the reason why God wired you up musically, you will fade away. So I thought of the 1 – 10million persons who might perish without sounds from my heart, people whose lives may be meaningless without the Healing Worship and I decided not to stop till the very last breath in my nostrils.
We are born as an answer to some question, as a solution to a problem – if we do not rise up to the challenge, someone’s going down. That scares me a lot. You have to be called to a cause

WiGRadio: How have the Testimonies from Souls touched by your Music been?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: Testimonies are the hallmark of every call. They do two major things: They serve to reaffirm your call as a servant of God (Acts 2:22) and they call as reference points to future manifestations of God 1 Samuel 17:34,36. We have had testimonies of spiritual revivals, healing of brokenness, healing of physical ailments and we look forward to more.

WiGRadio: What level of impact do you wish Gospel Music will Attain in the Nearest Decade?
Toyin Joe-Bassey: If I were a song, I’ll be sung in every home. It’s my desire for angels to carry my songs to where it’s needed but can’t I can’t physically reach; and to bring repentance, healing, revival, restoration and the knowledge of Jesus across the earth’s nations

WiGRadio: Please tell us about your new song, what is the song about, what inspired the song.
Toyin Joe-Bassey: You are God came in the middle of a challenging office assignment, cold sweats, deadlines, palpable fear of not meeting up my work targets as West Africa’s Office Administrator of an International Soft-Tech company. My boss threatened to deal with me if a particular training didn’t hold, this got me into cringing fear. On this particular, day, as I took a cab, I was begging God to show mercy and let the impossible happen. Suddenly, this song began to well up in my spirit…that no matter the matter, ‘You are God’. Eventually, the training held. In the midst of this pandemic, global unrest, and #Black Lives Matter protest and our own particular anxieties, this song is a breath of fresh air; reminding us that everything that happens also expires. But there is one person who remains constant. He is our GOD, our Father, and the One who alone is truly worth holding on to. I featured my twin in the song, where he featured me in his event ‘PROSKUNEO’



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