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We love it when we see young people burning for the kingdom of God. Miss Temiloluwa Olatunji Julius is a passionate gospel writer and is set to release a new series titled, LOVE IN HELL.

Love in Hell written and Produced by Temiloluwa

Just in her mid 20s, it’s refreshing to know that the Lord is using young men and women to carry out His end time assignment. It is in fulfilment of His word in Joel 2:28 where He promises to pour out His spirit on all flesh.

Miss Temiloluwa has definitely benefited from the outpouring.
She is set to release a new movie/series titled LOVE IN HELL.

WiGRadio’s correspondent, Opeyeoluwa Lawal, had a chat with Miss Temiloluwa.

QUESTION: What’s the inspiration behind the movie, LOVE IN HELL?

TEMILOLUWA: First, It’s a burden for Teenagers. How much they are been taken advantage of.

How peer pressure get them so easily

How they think their family hates them and some boy likes them

How much confusion they are in

How desperately they need love

How much they don’t know

I have a burden to stop trends with teenagers. The trend of having a messed up teen age

They don’t always have to go through all these. It’s funny how they are very special but feel less special

Most of them battle with low self esteem

And then when one guy likes them. They are so pumped up to think it’s love.

So basically, finding love in the wrong places is love in Hell movie.

QUESTION: But you know we have a lot of teenagers ‘on the street’ who do not even have access to see some of these movies.How do you think we can reach out to those teenagers.
How do you think LOVE IN HELL can get to them?

Temiloluwa: We are actually planning outreaches. Specifically to rural areas. The YouTube would most likely be seen by people who have access to phones and parents.

TEMILOLUWA Olatunji Julius

QUESTION: So, who is Miss Temiloluwa Olatunji Julius?

TEMILOLUWA: I am a Copywriter and drama minister. I love teenagers and children. I love writing, acting, talking, travelling, playing.
I love fashion too.

QUESTION: How do you combine ministry and the other things that you do?

TEMILOLUWA: Combining everything… The truth is that I’m still learning. It’s not easy at all

Some times, there are clashes of duties. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. But in all, its been quite cool. Having to be different things at different times. Then I am also very deliberate. I use to do lists, journals, timer and the likes. To help me manage my time.

QUESTION: Considering the fact that this is not necessarily something lucrative, how has support from family and friends been?

TEMILOLUWA: The support from family has been very awesome.My family members, both immediate and extended. Then some friends are really supportive. Of course, some came quite disappointing. But some other ones that buy your vision support.

QUESTION: What’s your thought on the Nigerian movie industry In general And the gospel movie industry in Nigeria.

TEMILOLUWA: I think the Nigerian movie industry has improved professionally, except that immorality has also increased. There are now a number of movies one can relate with the stories and feel the emotions of the actors. But the immorality part and scandals is the turn off.

For gospel movies, I think we can still do better. Although, a number of movies and ministries are topnotch, however, I still believe we can do better.

We have better and more relatable stories as well.

As much as we are trying to pass a message across, we also need the attention of the audiences and that’s where the creativity comes in.

But truthfully, we have gotten really better.

QUESTION: Were there any challenges producing this movie and how long did it take?

TEMILOLUWA: Yes ooo. Plenty. First, accepting the assignment was one challenge. It seemed too big to handle. Then, having to deal with disappointments from people towards the project. The major issue I had was trusting God. When it wasn’t looking like what I expected it to look like. I almost gave it up. I wanted to sell the story and forget about it. But Holy spirit wouldn’t let me.

The shoot lasted for a week and it was a very beautiful time.
The post production also was challenging. It was not going as fast as I wanted it to go. But sometimes, we need patience to get things done properly. And playing the major role was challenging.I had to act like a teenager.

Movie Flier

I had to do some things they do, talk the way they talk, facial expressions and all. It was quite challenging.

QUESTION: Do you have any role models in this line?

TEMILOLUWA: Yes, I do. In the gospel film making, Damilola Mike Bamiloye. Secular, Funke Akindele. Although, recently, I’m also starting to like Kemi Adetiba. It’s obvious her works are topnotch.

I totally enjoyed interviewing her. It’s a breath of fresh air to meet someone like her. We would have her on an Instagram live interview on Thursday by 9:30am. Don’t miss it.

Anticipate this movie and pray along, if you’re a part of the Body of Christ.

The movie is set to be released in November. For more information and to see the movie trailer, visit Temiloluwa’s Instagram handle. @temiloluwa_jasmine. The movie will be released on her YouTube page.

Temiloluwa Olatunji
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