Have you heard of the “Read-My-Book-Challenge?” It is an initiative of The David Generation (TDG for short), a faith based NGO which was launched in 2020 primarily towards inspiring positive impact.

Now, let’s back track a little. A lot of people complain about the things happening in the world that is not encouraging. We have insurgency, banditry, political deception, unemployment and underemployment, family breakups, youth and juvenile delinquency and so on and so forth. Simply put, listening to the news, you will see more than enough stories that can give you sleepless nights or make you wonder if things are ever going to change for good.

TDG is an initiative that desires to spark a beam of hope that there are still a lot of positive things going on around the world and there are still many people out there, especially youths, who are capable of doing good. Leading this charge, TDG is starting up its many multifaceted initiatives by launching its Read-My-Book challenge.

The Read-My-Book Challenge is an initiative that is designed to encourage the reading of selected books published by or approved by the founders of TDG, Mr David Joshua Egbochuo and Mrs Gift Akudo Egbochuo. Last year, three persons emerged as winners of the maiden edition of the challenge and went away with cash prizes. This year, TDG promises to raise the bar by partnering with other like-minded initiatives, so as to raise the prizes to be in the tune of #100,000 or its equivalence in electronic gadgets such as phones and mini laptops. There will also be consolation prizes for all the participants, subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the Challenge.

Last year, the Challenge focused on the Book, “Called to be Kings and Priests”, written by David Joshua Egbochuo. There were questions and exercises which the participants were required to scale in order to score points. The challenge is divided into three stages, and after each stage some participants who performed below the expected points, will be dropped, until the last three people who will emerge as winners of the entire Challenge.

The Season 2 of the Challenge is scheduled to commence by the second week of March, 2021. Participants will be required to pay a registration fee of #1500.00 and this will also entitle them to a copy of the book. In due course, the details of the season 2 of the challenge will be released including the exact prizes that will be up for grabs. Right now, set your #1500.00 aside and get ready. Better still, begin to make your payments ahead of time so that you can get a copy of the book and start reading. To register for the Challenge, send your full name, email, WhatsApp number and location, to this phone number: 08134612887.

Catch you later and keep on inspiring positive impact!


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